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Nobody could have predicted 9-11 [View All]

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SittingBull Donating Member (398 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-20-05 06:45 AM
Original message
Nobody could have predicted 9-11
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I don't think anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center, take another one and slam it into the Pentagon; that they would try to use an airplane as a missile, a hijacked airplane as a missile. All of this reporting about hijacking was about traditional hijacking. You take a plane -- people were worried they might blow one up, but they were mostly worried that they might try to take a plane and use it for release of the blind Sheikh or some of their own people.

Condoleezza Rice, statement can be found at:




The FOX TV series The Lone Gunmen (X-Files spin off) airs their opening episode " Pilot" six months before 9/11 which depicts a secret U.S. government agency behind a plot to crash a Boeing 727 into the WTC via remote control and blame it on foreign terrorists in the hopes of generating a bigger military budget.

Why didn't that media pick up on this bizarre coincidence of life imitating art? A Boeing 700 series commercial airliner about to crash into the WTC and being blamed on foreign terrorists shown just six months before the real thing happened on a major TV station? I mean come on?!!

The real irony is that a lot of conspiracy investigators think that this scenario is essentially what really happened on 9/11!

incl. Link to full movie!


Frank Spotnitz, Co-Autor:

What's disturbing about it to me is, you think as a fiction writer that if you can imagine this scenario, then the people in power in the government who are there to imagine disaster scenarios can imagine it, too."


Scenario 12 d was most likely come true on 9-11.
But there's another coincidence: In the Pilot of "The lone gunmen" a plot was hijacked ( they good boys try to steel a computer chip )
I suppose the same happened on 9-11.


They know that there were terrorists that want to hijack planes to set free the blind sheik Muhammad Omar Abdel-Rahman in US-custody ( the man behind the first WTC bombing 1993 )

There are some hints:

-As I remember, at least two suspected terror-helpers ( Moussaoui, and Motassadeq ) were sentenced for membership in terroristic organisations, without beeing sentencend for 11-9 in special.
Mossaoui said: "9-11 was not my conspiracy, our goal was to set free the blind sheik"

-Able Danger

-The infiltration of islamic terror groups with agents, probably since 1993. ( google for CIA and the blind sheik )

-Their cooperation with Osama and the ISI.

And many, many others, which I can't explain complete here
( Hopsicker, entries and departures of the suspects in USA, Spain, Indonesia... )

So, it's possible that even with long time overdue passenger list will be published with the names of the suspects on it, that their plot was completely hijacked and they were only useful idiots to made scenario 12 d more likely.

And the excuse no one could predict 9-11 was downright ridiculous, unless they don't have a tv to watch FOX.
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