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Klimmer Donating Member (426 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-15-05 09:35 AM
Response to Reply #25
30. More thought about the elevators . . .
The following discussion about the elevator and lobby windows seems to me to be very clear indications of set explosions/demolition.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but modern elevators can not free-fall if the cables get cut or snap. They have emergency back-up braking systems that immediately go into place if the cable fails. I believe the system works on fail-safe mechanical physics principals with no electronics involved. In the early days when elevators were first invented, this could happen, but they now use some kind of ratcheting system that immediately kicks in to catch an elevator with broken cables. In fact, the elevator can't fall far at all, since this emergency braking system extends over the entire length of the elevator shafts.

So the elevator didn't blow-up due to free-falling to the floor. Besides there are secondary elevator doors at every floor including the lobby.

Obvious exploded-out elevator doors would indicate to me that an explosion occurred that not only took-out the primary elevator doors that you see when you are in the elevator, but then also the secondary elevator floors that were at the lobby level. I would say that is clear evidence of a large explosion(s) taking place at the lobby level with the elevator already sitting there at the lobby level waiting (it didn't fall). And then obviously, also all the lobby windows being blown out. How could a jet slamming into the WTC tower far above the lobby, directly effect the lobby? It couldn't. Sure you might hear an explosion far away, and a feel a little vibration, but then that is about it.

The jet fuel didn't come rushing down the elevator shaft. He says he didn't sense any indication of fire or smoke in the elevator shaft.

. . . . . .

"Q.You were the OV. Okay. Did you get any sense that the elevators were running at any time when you got there or at any time was there any talk about --

(My comment: The following seems like it can be evidence of explosions . . .)

A. The elevator doors were blown off.

Q. Blown off?

A. Yeah. You could see they were a disaster.

Q. Was there evidence of fire or smoke in that area? Did you get the sense that fire had been in that shaft or was in that shaft, the elevator shaft?

A. No, no, I never thought
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