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Klimmer Donating Member (426 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-15-05 02:41 AM
Response to Original message
(My personal comments in parantheses)


We were driving down, sirens the whole way down. We get there. We stepped off the rig, and I

look up and I noticed that both towers were on fire now. We didnt realize at the time that another

plane had hit. We didnt see it and couldnt hear it while responding. I just figured the other tower

was on fire from stuff flying from the other building. So we really didnt know there was a second plane


We stepped off the rig, and there were plane engine parts and people yelling and screaming.We stepped off and noticed the two towers on fire.

We started walking down Vesey towards West Street. Our assignment was tower one,


Now were looking up as were going in, and we go into the lobby and theres everybody. Von

Essens there. The Mayors there. Everybodys at this command post, everyone in white hats. We

were standing there at the command post, waiting for our assignment.


thats when tower two must have started coming down. The building started shaking, a tremendous rumbling. Light bulbs were falling out. File cabinets were tipping over.

We were in that corner of tower one thats kind of close to tower two where they kind
of like point at each other there. Thats the corner we were in. I dont know what the hell was going on, but whatever it was, it was right outside the window that we were standing like five feet from.

Some guys were diving on the floor. Some guys were -- I just took off for the other side. I said whatever was going on was on that side. I said Im getting to the other side of the building. I started running.

We got to that side of the building. I didnt see Casey, but he told me he dove on the floor first. Then when he saw me run by, he said, That looks like a good idea. Maybe Ill go with Bert and get to the other side. Casey got him to the stairwell. He said, Lets get the hell out of here. I said, Hold on, hold on, Case. I dont even know what that was. Lets regroup here. First weve got to go back and get our stuff.

We had taken our coats off. We dont have any tools. We dont have our masks. I said, Lets go back, get our stuff. I said, First of all, Brogan is still back there. Were responsible for him now. I said, Lets go see if we can find Derek.

We get back there. It was dark. Most of the light bulbs had fallen off, so you really couldnt see much. I guess it was from the dust cloud outside there was no light coming in. We didnt know at the time. We just thought it was another plane or something, another explosion or whatever. We really didnt know what it was.


So we started going down. We made our way to the stair. Then it was just a slow walk down, as slow a 20 floors as you can walk. You took a step, you took another step, took a step. You got to each landing, you opened the door, Anybody else here? Lets go. Everybody out. You let a couple people in front of you, another step.

(What the Hell is the the FBI doing there, office space? And how come he knows so much???)

We just happened to be on the staircase with an FBI guy. He had an FBI jacket on. He turns around to me and goes, Weve got to get out of here. I said, What are you talking about? Were getting out. Lets go. Everybodys walking out. He said, No, you dont understand. Theres more planes coming. I said, What the hell are you talking about, more planes? He said, Theres two more planes on the way for these buildings. What do you mean, two more planes? I didnt even know there was more than one plane at this point. We didnt know there was a second plane.

(Seems like this agent had a lot of inside information, even though the other aircraft were not headed toward the WTC towers . . . and just how would he know that 2 more aircraft are involved ???)

We came to the lobby, and the lobby was a disaster. It never registered that the other

building had collapsed. We came outside, and we walked the same way we came in. We went back to the -- you didnt go through the doors. All the glass was broken on the ground floor when we came in the first time, I guess from the elevators collapsing or I dont know. All the glass was gone.

So we were walking through the plate glass along the wall. We slowly walked our way out towards the sidewalk, making sure that no jumpers were landing on us.


So I started my way back in underneath that foot bridge right on the corner of Vesey and Church, the same way we walked in. There were a couple rigs there. There was a guy with a bullhorn, a chief. I thought he was a chief. He had a white shirt on. I dont remember if he had a
helmet on. But he had a bullhorn, a guy with a bullhorn.

(Now how would the guy with a bullhorn know that everyone had to get out of there? Sure Tower 2 had just collapsed, but how does that foretell that Tower 1 is going to collapse?)

He was yelling, Clear the area. Clear the area. I really wasnt listening to him. I was kind of walking by. He stopped me. He grabbed me. He said, Youve got to get out of here. I said, Chief, Im missing three guys. He said, Everybody coming out Im sending this way. Theyre probably out already. Go up this way. Everybody is going up this way. I said, Look, Chief, they might be right here. He said, Get the -- out of here now. He had me by my shoulder and he kind of shoed me away.
All right. So now Im doing the same thing. Im looking around. Theres firemen all over the place now. Im looking at each guy and Im going over to guys. Its not really registering. The street is a disaster. Theres stuff all over the street.

I was just by the other side of that foot bridge, I guess. You heard somebody, turned around and looked up, and I saw a big section of the facade coming down, straight down. I said,

Holy shit, and I took off up West Street, north on West Street, just ran as far as I could, which wasnt too far before the dust cloud took you out and stuff was hitting you and banging off your mask and your helmet and, geez, what the fucks going on, you know?


Q. I just want to ask you a couple questions that I jotted down while you were talking.
What position did you have? Do you remember?

A. OV.

Q.You were the OV. Okay. Did you get any sense that the elevators were running at any time when you got there or at any time was there any talk about --

(The following seems like it can be evidence of explosions . . .)

A. The elevator doors were blown off.

Q. Blown off?

A. Yeah. You could see they were a disaster.

Q. Was there evidence of fire or smoke in that area? Did you get the sense that fire had been in that shaft or was in that shaft, the elevator shaft?

A. No, no, I never thought - I just assumed that they must have plummeted from being cut --

Q. I see.

(More evidence of explosions . . . the aircraft hitting above wouldnt knock-out the lobby windows, but explosives would.)

A. The airplane just -- thats probably why the plate glass was blown off too. We didnt walk through the doors; we walked through -- all the glass in the lobby was out.

Q. Even when you got there?

A. Yeah. So we walked through the glass to get into the building.

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