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Kevin Fenton Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-07-05 07:15 AM
Response to Original message
4. Pretty good
But I have to comment on the following:
"The authors are wondering how the press managed to have the photos of the 19 hijackers within two days if not with the help of the FBI. But then how did the FBI have the photos already at hand?"
I think the press got the photos from the FBI. The FBI, for example, could have got the photos from various government departments (like immigration).

"Al-Midhar personally went to the Washington Internatiol Airport on August, 26 to get his tickets (at that moment he was already on the Terrorist Watch List)."
He was on the watch list for external flights, but no internal ones.

Two Hanjours
I've seen speculation that some of the identities were stolen from fighters who died in Chechnya (or elsewhere). Perhaps that would explain this.

The "calls mainly were made to unknown people and not to family members"
I reckon there were just under 40 calls. I think the flight attendants might have been calling people they didn't know because they didn't have to pay for calls to the mechanics centre (not sure of this). At any rate, there were still lots of people who called family and friends.
"The authors question the authenticity of Edward Felt (Flight 93). Why did he clsoe himself into the toilet room? Why did he call the emergency operator? Why is Glenn Cramer (the one who received the phone call) not allowed to talk about it?"
He hid there, a hijcaking was in progress. It was an emergency. I guess because he described the missile impact.

"The authors wonder also about the call of the stewardesses Sweeney and Betty Ong (Flight 11). Sweeney gives the seats of the terrorists but they differ from the places where the terrorists were actually seated."
So, she got it wrong, they weren't sitting in their seats at the time.
"She phones flight manager Michael Woodward (Boston) an official, somebody who didnt know her and therfore couldnt identify her voice."
Crap, she phoned somebody else, who didn't know her, and he passed her on to Woodward, who'd known her for years.
"Strangely she says that two stewardess and a passenger had been murdered, the hijackers had reached the cockpit, while Sweeney gave their seat numbers, the flight took a shrap turn directly into the heart of Manhattan. But then the phone call had to last at least 30 minutes as the sharp turn happened at 8.28."

"Betty Ong phoned Vanessa Minter from the flight reservation of American Airlines. She says the hijacker had sprayed something in the first class to prevent others from entering the cockpit. The calls last 25 minutes (from 8.21 till the crash). But the FBI says that only the first four minutes had been recorded and that the recording wont made public."
My understanding is that only the first four minutes were played. I think the rest should exist somewhere.

Also, the 2 flight attendants were called using airphones, not mobile phones.

"Washingtons air space below 18.000 feet is a no-fly zone and strictly forbidden."
There's an airport near the Pentagon, I'm sure that's not a no-fly zone.

"Flight 11 was still at a height of 30.000 feet just seven minutes before the crash,"
I haven't heard this before, how can anyone know if the transponder was off?
"Flight 175 managed to crash into the WTC in a very difficult turn"
Easy for an experienced pilot.
"especially Flight 77 made an almost impossible manoeuvre."
A 270 degree turn in 2.5 minutes might be impossible for a WWII aircraft carrier, but not for a modern jetliner.
"Not only agyptian president Mubarak wondered how pilots who didnt even manage to fly a Cessna could have done that,"
They could not. Either (a) somebody else was flying the plane or (b) the pilots were much better than the FBI is letting on.
"Danielle OBrien (a flight controller from Washington Dulles airport) even believed Flight 77 was a military airplane as it was very difficult to fly a Boeing 757 this way."
No, it was unusual to fly a Boeing 757 in this way. It was being flown in the manner of a fighter.

I really don't go a bundle of remote control, although I can see that the technology does exist.

Sorry, I'll try and get round to the rest later. It's pretty good but I think there are one or two inaccuracies.
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