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Zaphod 36 Donating Member (38 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-20-05 06:28 PM
Response to Reply #27
28. The scenario
Hi spooked911,

let me try to answer to your points.

1) planes coming from two different directions around Shanksville; the plane coming from the northwest was flying close to the ground and in a helter-skelter manner
The plane coming from northwest was the white jet, who made the maneuver to fire the missile and simulate the crash of UA93, at 10:06.
The real UA93 came earlier from New Baltimore, flew over Indian Lake and was seen by Jim Stop and other Indian Lake residents as it lost debris(after shoot down at New Baltimore.

2) quite a bit of debris falling over Indian Lake, east/southeast of the official crash site-- debris that must have originated from flight 93 and contains parts of airplane seats and some human remains
This debris indeed was originated from UA93 as it overflew Indian Lake, because it was hit by a missile from an interceptor jet.

3) a crash site that cannot have come from the real flight 93-- either the crash site was faked or it was a special remote control drone
I think the crash site was completely faked. I don`t think the crater was made by a drone, because the furrows consist with the wingspan of a boeing 757. This furrows must be digged before.

4) cell phone calls that cannot have been made from high in the air
Which persons made cell phone calls? Maybe this calls was done on the ground on Johnstown airport.

5) phone calls made from passengers on the flights that do not tell the same story, they conflict badly with each other
The primary phone calls can be faked. This phone calls can be made at the hijacking before arriving Johnstown airport, except Edward Felt. It is importent, which time exactly this phone calls was made. I read this phone calls are under closure.

6) the improbability of flight 93 being taken over by knife-wielding hijackers without the pilots being warned and alerting ground control
I don`t think the hijackers had only knives. Maybe this flight was part of the terror drills and the pilots knew about that.

7) an interceptor jet that at least one air traffic controller said must have witnessed what happened with flight 93 but wasn't officially there
Yes, indeed. He must have seen all the passengers of the four hijacked planes that landed in Johnstown before and put into this plane.
Just remember Winfields quote, that implicate the witness of the interceptor in the crash.

8) multiple reports that flight 93 was hit by a missile, a few witnesses support the idea that something exploded or hit a plane flying near the Shanksville crash site.
Flight 93 was hit by a missile at New Baltimore. John Doe had already posted the source.

9) a strange white plane that witnesses saw around the crash site at the same time as the crash
The white plane fired the missile to the crater. Mayor Stull mentioned the missile. Susan Mcelwain saw the white jet just before the "crash".

10) a C-130 officially witnessing the crash of flight 93-- the same one that also saw the Pentagon hit (yet officially no interceptor reached flight 93)!

The C-130 was operating the remote control(cyclops) as it did before at the pentagon. At the pentagon it was "AA77", in Shanksville UA93.

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