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John Doe II Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed May-11-05 02:54 PM
Response to Reply #24
26. Precision
It had been shown already that numerous witnesses remarked a plane coming in from northwest, that the crash happened within seconds after the plane vanished behind a tree line.
The same goes for witnesses from the east. They remarked the plane right before the crash. As there is only one crash site. Only one fire and smoke this poses serious problems to the official explanation.

Here a few new details to refute that one plane might have accounted for witnesses accounts in the northwest and in the east.

Position of the plane:
All eyewitnesses that do precise the position of the plane they saw state that it was overhead. They all agree on that. There is not a single contradiction.
Especially important that theses witnesses are very close to the crash site:

Bob Blair Stoystown I saw the plane flying upside down
overhead and crash into the nearby trees.

Linda Shepley Stoystown Linda Shepley, 47, of Stoystown, Pa., said
she saw the plane fly over her back yard

Rob Kimmel Stoystown He saw the jetliner fly overhead .

Terry Butler Stoystown Terry Butler works at Stoystown Auto Wreckers,
which is in the flight path of the doomed plane.
(remark this is my interpretation but I think a logical one)

Kelly Levernight Stoney Creek Township of Shanksville "I heard the plane going

Relative of Joe Wilt one mile west He heard from a relative who worked at a small
business less than one mile to the west that the plane had passed low overhead .

Eric Peterson Lambertsville I actually thought it was going to hit a
house here in town,
(again interpretation but again I believe its logical to assume that he saw the plane overhead)

Nevin Lambert Lambertsville Road It looked like it was coming right to my house.
It came over the junkyard

Therefore I think its hard to refute that the plane they saw came in indeed from northwest.

The tree line:
Again all eyewitnesses agree on another detail. All witnesses that precise where the plane disappeared from their view talk of the tree line. Maps of the area show that in fact the crash site is surrounded in the west by trees shielding the view for witnesses from Lambertsville Road, Lambertsville and Stoystown.

Here the list:
Terry Bulter Stoystown He said the plane disappeared behind a tree line on a
ridge. "I knew it was going to crash," Butler said. About a second after it disappeared , he heard the boom and saw the smoke rise above the trees. "It was eerie."

Eric Peterson Lambertsville As it went over started going end over end,
Peterson said, and then dropped below a tree line and exploded .

Paula Pluta Lambertsville Road Mrs. Pluta said she did not believe the plane
had rolled over. She was shielded by trees from the crash, but saw a huge fireball ascend.

Tim Thornsberg nearby Strip mine It came in low over the trees and started
wobbling. Then it just rolled over and was flying upside down for a few seconds and then it kind of stalled and a nose dive over the trees.
(I cant locate him exactly but as there are no near trees east of the crash site I think it is save to assume that hes talking about the same tree line)

All witnesses also are coherent in not mentioning that the plane was coming towards them. So given the combination of the coherent description of the plane being overhead and disappearing behind the tree line I think all witnesses clearly talk of a plane coming in from northwest and not from east.

The altitude:
All witnesses (without the only exception of Linda Shepley who lives in Stoystown) give very similar altitudes of the plane (between 100 and 500 feet) Paula Pluta speaks of treetop level: Paula Pluta, who said she heard a roar about 10:15 a.m. and rushed to her front porch to catch a glimpse of the jetliner at treetop level. But a much higher altitude would be needed for a crash that happened apparently at an 90 angle.
But none (exception Linda Shepley but shes still 4 miles away) sees that.

Ok. Lets assume for a moment that the plane flew at an altitude of 2000 feet (a helpful soul from DU who is an OTCler btw calculated for me this as a necessary altitude to do a 90 turn downards) but we can even take 1000 feet for the sake of the argument.
How come not a single witness being mile or a mile from the crash site seeing a plane at that altitude flying towards him and then doing a 90 turn downwards wouldnt mention the panic. That for one second he believed he would be hit. But not a single witness mentions this. Again theyre coherent.
But even if this might be still a matter of psychology of perception. If the plane was indeed at an altitude of 1000 feet and made this sudden 90 turn it would have been visible for witnesses quite far away . Everyone (save exception where one was surrounded by a building trees etc and couldnt see. But no witness mention theses kind of obstacles) Everyone should have clearly seen the 90 downward turn. And the plane wouldnt have disappeared it would have fallen and crashed.
But again nobody witnessed that. What people witnessed is this:

He said the plane disappeared behind a tree line on a ridge. "I knew it was going to crash," Butler said. About a second after it disappeared, he heard the boom and saw the smoke rise above the trees. "It was eerie."

If you see a plane falling literally nose first in a 90 you would talk differently.
You would have seen at least a free fall of the plane for 800 feet!

As far as I can see all indicators we can find in the accounts of witnesses speak coherently without a single contradiction that the plane they saw was flying over their heads coming from northwest, vanished behind the tree line and then explosion, fire and smoke.

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