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paulthompson Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Apr-17-05 01:17 PM
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2. Conclusion?
Edited on Sun Apr-17-05 01:29 PM by paulthompson
I don't see their conclusion. To me, it's simple: the plane turned sharply, possibly more than once, not long before crashing. I even recall seeing some maps of the airplane's path showing this. For such comprehensive research, they curiously leave out witnesses who saw the turn. For instance,

Terry Butler, at Stoystown: He sees the plane come out of the clouds, low to the ground. It was moving like you wouldnt believe. Next thing I knew it makes a heck of a sharp, right-hand turn. It banks to the right and appears to be trying to climb to clear one of the ridges, but it continues to turn to the right and then veers behind a ridge. About a second later it crashes. (ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, 9/12/01)

Rob Kimmel, several miles from the crash site: He sees it fly overhead, banking hard to the right. It is 200 feet or less off the ground as it crests a hill to the southeast. I saw the top of the plane, not the bottom. (AMONG THE HEROES, BY JERE LONGMAN, 8/02, P. 210211)

Also, from accounts of it doing all kinds of strange things: flying upside down, making strange noises, making jerky motions, even coming to a complete stop in mid-air before crashing, it seems quite probable to me it was spilling debris before it crashed. When you have a plane literally upside down (as the 9/11 Commission did note in one obscure sentence), it's clearly not a case of it just coming in from one direction and hitting the ground.

Both of the above accounts have a sharp right turn. If you follow the path of the plane from the direction shown in their first map, then make a sharp right turn over Indian Lake, the problem is solved. Why is it they quote both of the witnesses I mentioned above, but cut out the part about the turning? Someone should point that out to them.

To me, it's not a question of two planes, it's a question of why was the one plane doing such very strange things before crashing? It seems to be more than just a struggle over the cockpit, for instance, numerous witnesses heard loud bangs coming from the plane before it crashed (most heard one, some heard two), plus revving, gunning of the engine, sputtering, etc... It seems to me the engines were dying and in fact died, thus the complete stop in the mid-air and plummet to the ground.

Keep in mind that if the plane was travelling roughly 500 miles an hour, that means it went seven miles in one minute. So for it to get close enough to drop debris in the general vicinity of Indian Lake, six miles away, is not much of a detour at all.
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