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John Doe II Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Feb-28-05 04:33 PM
Response to Reply #3
5. I agree but
I agree that analysing the media accounts doesn't neccessarily tell us anything about the FBI investigation but still what was going on in Bangor, Jackman and Halifax seems to be very interesting to me.

You write:
1. A detailed story provided by Cannistraro which was not confirmed by either the ME police or the FBI. He seems to be the sole source of the detailed story.

Cannistraro is the only one who combines what was going on in the three different locations. But the fact that suspicious things were going on in theses three locations (especially in Bangor) is completely independent of Cannistraro's statement.

2. Various reports in Bangor and Jackman about middle eastern men taking cab rides, buying gas and cell phones. They don't all add up. The Jackman gas station report was a month before 9/11, the cell story four days before, and the cabbies are all over the place. The first cabbie drives 3 ME men (including Atta) and a white guy 10 days before 9/11, the second cabbie has four men buying luggage and rushing to catch a flight on 9/8, and the 3rd drove 'several' men to two malls on 9/10. IMO there is a considerable chance that these helpful citizens interacted with someone other than the hijackers.

It's true that the stories don't completely add up but they don't contradict each other neither.

How many tips did the FBI receive in the days and weeks after 9/11? Cannistraro/ABCnews focused attention on Bangor, but it is possible that dozens of other cities had similar sighting which went unreported. Hundreds of immigrants were detained without charge and tens of thousands of people of middle eastern descent were questioned in the weeks following 9/11.

Bangor was in the focus of the FBI on the morning of 9/12. The FBI wasn't notified by anybody to show up in Bangor but yet Bangor is next to Vero Beach and Atta' house and Portland the FIRST place the FBI investigates.
There are other small stories in other cities but they differ a lot from this one: the suspicion is much smaller, the media present the news that there is no suspision anymore and theses cities had no connecting flight to Boston like Bangor.

The story of Bangor, Halifax and Jackman doesn't prove anything but can anybody explain me the strange case that eg many many newspapers print on September 13 that the car in Halifax was analysed but (as far as I've seen) not a single paper prints the result of the analyses.

Bangor is big in the news. But nowhere an explanation. No journalist interest although several witnesses saw hijackers in town. This has strong resemblance to the fact that Atta and Al Omari had been seen in Portland long before September 2001. Many witnesses pointed this out yet the FBI not only stated that Atta and Al Omari didn't show up in Portland before September but they also showed NO INTEREST in interviewing the witnesses (eg Portland library).

The lack of interest by the FBI is as unexplainable as them believing the two Bukhari, Abdul Rahman Al Omari and Kamfar being hijackers.
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