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Reply #84: Joe's words in this thread: Just personal attacks, nothing else [View All]

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BeFree Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jul-19-11 08:12 PM
Response to Reply #77
84. Joe's words in this thread: Just personal attacks, nothing else
The repugs spent billions to get election voting machines that control the courts to get Obama elected but he knows nothing about it. That makes sense... especially with all of the evidence you put forth

heh, You think it's personal?

heh, too funny.

Well lets see...

An absurd claim with no basis in reality, that ignores known facts of the time and events in question, that also offers zero evidence. See... Thats whats called a CT, and they end up here, it is not because anyone hates you.

ummm... yeah

Where are the facts to back up your vague claims? ohhhhh... people should go find your facts for you... I see because if we don't we are "scared" of it... bwhahahahahahahaha, too funny.

The only that could be construed as a personal claim I've made about you is that your post was not moved here because people hate you. If you are that convinced it is because the mods/admins hate you, I would suggest gathering the links to prove it and post them with the evidence in ATA.

No, I'm just not playing your game

You are making claims of hate and persecution, so I offered some advice, you do not wish to follow it then do not be surprised by others amusement of your paranoia.

I also do not wish to present any type of case for you when you insist on being vague. Offer a solid case with evidence instead of vague claims and I will evaluate it and see if it has any merit.


A link to more vague and unsubstantiated claims by... you. Let me know if you ever decide to offer anything of substance.

Another vague claim by you is "work"

Why do you not offer anything specific and then back it up with something that even resembles evidence?

This is what BeFree considers evidence

I can't recall a single time BeFree has backed up a claim. It appears that BeFree feels it is just fine to make some vague claim, offer no evidence and then expect you to go find the proof.

Exactly what I've asked for time and time again

What you have avoided, as you always do. A specific claim... not some vague non-sense... and some actual evidence to back up your claim... By that I mean something other then your vague claim.

Too funny

Why are you so afraid to back up your claims and yet be so quick to cry persecution when the silly things are sent to the same place as the rest of the silly claims?

Poor persecuted BeFree... :rofl:

Of course, I did not think you would back up your claims, you never do.

More claims... Still nothing to back them up

Lots of people might give a shit if you did not makes claims without backing them them up. What about those billions to get voting machines that control courts so they can elect Obama without him knowing about it?


Or perhaps you will back up your new claims... or any claim you have made... Any day now I'm sure.

See your post #63

It is exactly what you said.
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