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defendandprotect Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-01-11 08:51 PM
Response to Reply #82
117. Here's the link I was looking for ---
Edited on Sun May-01-11 08:56 PM by defendandprotect
to Richard Sprague . . .

The Taking of America #1-2-3 --

Other info of interest --

John Dean summed it up when he said to Richard Nixon as recorded on the White House tapes in 1973: "If Teddy knew the bear trap he was walking into at Chappaquiddick. . . ."<5>


3. A rope attached to the stick which held the Oldsmobile throttle wide open caught the drivers rear view mirror and tore it loose so that it was hanging by the rear bolt. There was no other mark on the left side of the car.

4. A sliver of glass from two broken windows no doubt caused this bleeding since Mary Jo was already face down and unconscious in the rear seat. Since there was no autopsy this clean cut went unnoticed by the embalmers.

5. On page 121, White House Tapes Paperback Edition, published by New York Times

Daily Sally: My Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Story
John Dean: ...if they get those bank records between the start of July of 1969 ... If Kennedy knew the bear trap he was walking into.... --Watergate tape, 3/13/73 ... - 105k - Cached

Evidence that Ted Kennedy was Framed by CIA- Chappaquiddick
John Dean summed it up when he said to Richard Nixon as recorded on the White House tapes in 1973: "If Teddy knew the bear trap he was walking into at Chappaquiddick. ... / index.php?topic=122.0 - 107k - Cached
It is now quite clear and obvious that the Watergate burglars were tied to the murder of John F. Kennedy, and Haldeman does not mince words when he says, "It seems that in all of those Nixon references to the Bay of Pigs, he was actually referring to the Kennedy assassination."

History is one big lie because we fail to expose the truth.
In his memoirs, Nixon said that "the factual truth could probably never be completely reconstructed, because each of us had become involved in different ways and no one's knowledge at any given time exactly duplicated anyone else's." Richard Nixon was wrong.

High level obstructions of justice within the FBI made the Watergate investigation superficial, but the cover up ultimately exposed the truth. The Kennedy assassination investigation is no different because, having successfully obscurred what Nixon called "the factual truth," high level obstruction of justice within the FBI made the Kennedy assassination investigation an absolute whitewash, and the cover up is the crime. Indeed, the factual truth that Richard Nixon's estate is still trying to block, is no longer in doubt.

History is one big lie, when we fail to expose deception, time has a way of exposing all the factual truths that Richard Nixon thought he had buried.

First and foremost, we need to clearly appreciate the fact that Richard Nixon's greatest shortcoming was not Watergate, but his direct involvement in the domestic, assassination plots of the 1960's.
Indeed, it is a documented, proven fact that Nixon's cronies plotted outright political murder (Jack Anderson was lucky to survive.) He was scheming to have people beaten up. He associated with mobsters. Nazi propaganda films were being shown in the White House. His men schemed to burglarize Republican headquarters and blame it on the Democrats. They schemed to plant McGovern campaign literature in the apartment of Art Brehmer, the would-be assassin of George Wallace, and the evidence strongly suggests they probably even schemed to assassinate Ted Kennedy, and after having failed, they blamed the fortunate survivor for the death of unintended victim, Mary Jo Kopechne.

Indeed, Nixon's memoirs are littered with evidence that as far as he was concerned, Chappaquiddick was nothing more than an election issue, it had nothing to do with a tragic murder. To quote Richard Nixon directly:
In the short term, I knew that Chappaquiddick would undermine Kennedy's role as a leader of the opposition to the administration's policies. In the longer term, it would be one of his greatest liabilities if he decided to run for President in 1972.

It was clear that the full story of what had happened that night on Chappaquidick had not come out, and I suspected that the press would not try very hard to uncover it. Therefore I told Ehrlichman to have someone investigate the case for us and get the real facts out. "Don't let up on this for a minute," I said. "Just put yourself in their place if something like that happened to us." In fact, our private investigator was unable to turn out anything besides rumors.

Needless to say, the truth was damaging to Richard Nixon, because if it wasn't, he would not have to rely on rumors about Chappaquiddick, for political advantage. The truth is, Nixon feared another Kennedy candidacy and Chappaquiddick was Richard Nixon's failed attempt to assassinate yet another political rival.
Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis were seen in Martha's Vineyard during the weekend that Mary Jo Kopechne died, and it is therefore safe to assume that the intended victim was in fact, Ted Kennedy. Richard Nixon was right, the entire truth was never exposed. If it was, his Watergate burglars would have been charged with murder, for the collateral death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

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