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Reply #9: ONI or DIA or Mafia or WKWTF... the guy was connected [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-13-10 09:46 PM
Response to Reply #6
9. ONI or DIA or Mafia or WKWTF... the guy was connected
From a presentation by Hal Verb, once a member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, followed the Oswald trail...

Lee Harvey Oswald---a U.S. Intelligence Agent: The Evidence

From a presentation by Hal Verb


"Now, the obvious implication is that Oswald was on a mission," Verb stated, "as an agent of the ONI. Now, like I say, I tracked down that person---and that's one of the reasons---that's my personal experience with showing that he is an agent."
    In testimony before the ARRB (the presidential Assassination Records and Review Board) in Dallas, November 1994, I cited this particular 1966 call and urged the Board to review this matter and interview not only those in the CID but also the ONI as well. I pointed out that if Oswald were briefed by the CID it could not escape the notice and attention of the ONI. To date (July 1995) there is no indication or prospect that the ARRB has or will look into this but, at least, now it is a matter of historical record. (Note: The ARRB is not an investigative body---Ed.)

    The second (personal) reason noted above deals with an event in 1965. A friend, knowing of my deep interest in the JFK case, gave me a record he found at a record store. This record, which I still own, is extremely rare (I've seen only one other copy) and was made around 1964. It is called The President's Assassin Speaks, and has Oswald's actual voice during a radio debate he had with Ed Butler (and others) in New Orleans, August 21, 1963. Produced by "Key Records" in Los Angeles, it is an anti-communist propaganda production of Dr. Billy James Hargis, founder and director of "The Christian Crusade." Naming Oswald as the assassin, the record strives mightily to link Owald with an (implied) communist conspiracy. If you listen to this record, the back of the record assures us, "you will be able to decide for yourself who gave the orders to Oswald to take the life of President Kennedy."

    My interest in this record, however, was not the propaganda content but rather in a discovery I made of a "slip" Oswald made on that tape while defending his stay in Russia as a "defector." Oswald "slipped" and stated he "was under the protection of the American government," quickly recovering from his "slip" and then saying he was "not under" that protection.
"When I heard that record, I went ballistic. Of course, in those days you didn't use the term 'ballistic.' But I did go ballistic. I said, my God! The guy has slipped and made an admission---to me---which represents that he is representing the U.S. Government!...

"So I immediately went to the (Warren Commission) volumes...and they left out the part where he says 'I was under the protection of---' and they leave in the 'I was not under the protection of.'


Lots of people say their testimony was changed from what they said and what the Warren Commission report recorded. Thus, I believe Verb about Oswald.
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