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Reply #14: Explosion or no explosion? [View All]

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John Doe II Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Oct-30-04 02:48 PM
Response to Reply #6
14. Explosion or no explosion?
There are still more oddities concerning Felt's call to come!
Right after 911 all accounts stated that the passenger who phoned from a restroom of UA 93 at 9:58 said that he saw smoke and he mentioned an explosion.
Until March 27, 2002 his identity wasn't revealed (only one newspaper account identified the passenger but as Mark Bingham!). The same article that revealed that it was Edward Felt who phoned stressed as well that he didn't mention any explosion:

"Earlier reports have said that a previously unidentified passenger, Edward Felt of Matawan, N.J., said in a 911 call from a restroom that he saw a puff of smoke and heard an explosion, leading some to cite this as evidence that the plane was shot down by the military to prevent it from crashing into sensitive targets. But the 911 dispatcher, John Shaw, and others who have heard the tape, including Mr. Felt's wife, Sandra Felt, say he made no mention of smoke or an explosion when he said, 'We're going down.'"

(New York Times, March 27, 2002)

So everything seems clear. But now have a look at the next article please:
Sandra Felt listened to the tape on April 18, 2002 just before joining all the family members to listen to the CVR of UA 93

"And so, before they joined the other relatives to hear the cockpit voice recorder tape, Edward's widow, Sandy, his brother, Gordon, and his mother, Shirley, were led to a small conference room at the Princeton Marriott Forestall Village Hotel, where they were joined by two FBI agents and a victim-assistance counselor.

Sitting around a polished wood table, the agents handed each of the Felts a typed transcript of the 911 call, and then played it.

Ed's call was made at 9:58 a.m. In a conversation with dispatchers lasting about one minute, he spoke in a quivering voice saying, "We are being hijacked. We are being hijacked."

He went on to describe an "explosion" that he heard, and then white smoke on the plane from an undetermined location." ...

Unfortunately I can't copy the whole article but it's clear in this article that Sandra Felt listens for the first time, that she listened twice to it and that she mentiones the explosion!
So bizarr bizarr: We've one account that Sandra Felt listened to the tape and didn't hear the "explosion" (March 27, 2002) Then we've another account with a lot of direct quotes from Sandra Felt stating clearly that she listened to the tapes for the first time on April 18, 2002 and that she heard "explosion".

I made a Lexis-Nexis research and didn't find any artilce that identified Felt and stated if there was an explosion or not.
Only a web research had the following result:

Thanks Woody Box

"Sandra Felt has heard Flight 93 tapes made when her husband and 39 other passengers and crew battled with four hijackers. Some believe the Americans decided to crash the jet rather than let it be used as a missile to hit another Washington landmark.

"I heard my husband's voice. He was very calm in the face of death," she said. The government has refused to give her a copy or transcript of the tape at this time.

She disputes a 911 supervisor's Sept. 11 account of the conversation between Felt and Shaw in which the supervisor said Felt said he saw smoke after an explosion." ...

But here again this is not a proof as it contains a completely wrong description: All accounts agree (direct quotes from Glenn Cramer and John Shaw as well)that Felt was everything but calm. ("he sound as if he was crying" Among the Heroes, p. 271)

So, what's going on here? When did Sandra Felt hear the tape and what did she hear? Did Edward Felt really not mention an explosion and why is Glenn Cramer gagged?
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