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Reply #194: So how do we get Obama to reveal the truth? [View All]

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I814U Donating Member (65 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-05-09 04:08 PM
Response to Original message
194. So how do we get Obama to reveal the truth?
We elected Obama to end these disastrous wars, to bring out the truth and healing to a world all but ruined by the neocons (I can't blame Bush, I don't think he has the requisite synaptic structure to conceive of, much less execute, such a plan).

I'm afraid I don't have much faith with the WH being packed with Clinton apparatchiks. Clinton's DOJ once issued an indictment against UBL even going so far linking him to Saddam Hussein. Now with Hillary taking over Foggy Bottom I fear the bottom will only get foggier. Will she reverse US policy on UBL that has been in place for almost 15 years in solidarity with Obama or will she protect Bill--and by extension--the neocons?

Here are the questions in my mind:

* Do we simply pull out the troops and say, "Sorry, wrong house" or do we owe the Iraqis and Afghanis reparations and the Hague a few dozen heads on sticks?

* Will Obama rock the boat?

* What if he doesn't want to rock the boat, choosing to defy we who elected him in favor of not fighting the entrenched crooks and liars?

* What's the worst thing we can do if Obama allows the lies to remain lies: threaten to not vote for him in 2012 thus handing the country back to the rethuglicans?

* If he doesn't expose the criminals and their crimes offering a full explanation does he become party to the rime by aiding and abetting the cover-up?

* How do we prod/help Obama to get this done?

We have all the answers and evidence we need; what we lack are practical courses of action. And don't think just because Bush is leaving the WH the world will suddenly be free of criminal incursions because I'm sure the bombs will still be raining on Gaza 15 days from now.
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