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Mark D. Donating Member (420 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-24-08 04:59 PM
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120. If You Want To Know Why
Edited on Mon Nov-24-08 05:06 PM by Mark D.
It's rather simple. Before the 'war' (occupation), and before 9/11. Major energy companies wanted a pipeline through Afghanistan. Above them were the larger banker affiliated companies like Royal Dutch Shell (Rothschild) and Exxon Mobil (Rockefeller) and financial involvement in those companies by the family that's good friends with both and the biggest baking power in America, MORGAN.

The Taliban, which ruled, wanted a bigger cut of the profits from such a pipeline than the big energy folks wanted to give. It's about money, it always has been. Iraq the same. Sure, also partly about oil, but they sell oil for what? Money. Profit. Banker backed big energy. Bankers also finance the huge debt those wars create, and war is their most profitable business venture.

Oh. The Taliban also knocked down the Opium trade in Afghanistan by like 80%. A nice side-effect of the occupation is bringing it back again to where they're the biggest producer of it now. Opium is a pharmaceutical. The source for Heroine (originally created by Bayer). Bayer also created Methadone, the top 'treatment' for Heroine addiction. Again, profit from both sides of the 'battle'.

How is this related? During WW2, Bayer and BASF combined to form IG Farben. The top supplier of chemical weapons to the Nazis. The bigger banker in the pharma business at the time? JD Rockefeller II. His Chase bank financed the Third Reich. Chase is located next to the NY Federal Reserve. Chase is the top bank utilized by the UN. You get the idea. Google IG Farben if you get the chance.

What do you see on Wiki? Look familiar? It's a handicapped sticker image of a disabled person in a wheelchair, in a laboratory flask. We knew how the Nazi's experimented on humans, and especially the less fortunate. We have that today. We have 'drugs' to treat but almost never cure. What was the last disease they really cured? Note the commercials with the list of side effects.

The same big companies, Bayer, Dow, Monsanto, that often make pesticides and other frequently used carcinogenic chemicals also make chemotherapy. The side effect of many types of chemo is cancer. The idea is continual profit. Don't cure disease, treat it. Their goal is to make cancer a manageable or chronic type disease. You get it, you get treatment for life, if you want to stay alive.

I digressed a bit, but it goes back to what the big oil power, Rockefeller, has for its second most profitable line of business. Pharmaceuticals. The two biggest beneficiaries of the Afghan occupation? Big Oil and Opium (Big Pharma). Look who profited from it. Look who never gets mentioned for that role and profit in the MSM owned by the same elite (Rothschild / GE - Morgan).
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