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Reply #119: i suggest you engage those college-honed critical thinking skills you paid so much money for and... [View All]

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reinvestigate911 Donating Member (548 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-24-08 04:50 PM
Response to Reply #116
119. i suggest you engage those college-honed critical thinking skills you paid so much money for and...
abandon the "cover your ass" mass-negligence bullshit that your worldview hinges on. the world is a business. the elections and the presidential campaigns are the warm fuzzy feel-good advertisements of this business... they run them every four years as opposed to primetime cable's 20 minute ad-cycle. the world is a business. and while i can't presume to know how you run your business, i don't make much money on random rolls of the dice. think about it: the game is rigged, friend.

for as much as the perpetrators stood to gain as a result of 9/11 -- all of which were things they desired in advance -- do you really think they would leave such an important plan to happen-chance? do you really think 19 alleged islamic radicals managed to "slip past" NORAD... four times? do you really think all those reports of molten steel, of secondary explosions, of pops and flashes were invented by tinfoil-hat wearing loonies?

we needed 9/11. how else were we going to get our oil out of their sand? how else do you get people to go fight and die in a war for oil...? or do you also naively believe that we are spreading democracy in the middle east? here's a newsflash: we live in a corporatocracy... and the conspiracy that binds us all together is not fomented by old men in dark hooded robes who sacrifice virgin teens at midnight on a satanic altar.

rather, the power-elite collude with financial forecasting and net profit-cost ratio projections; with the sorcery of media; with their friends in the military-industrial complex. think that's all made up, too? we conspire on the bottom line. we all have blood on our hands because we've kept silent about it... or because we've peddled their "caught with our pants down" boilerplate denial and misdirection. you "debunkers" have a greater truth to reckon with, just like all of us in the west: that is that the evil of big business and big oil has driven us to a place where these events are indeed necessary to sustain the illusion. it's on all of us.

but i assert that september 11 was a gift: it is an x-ray glimpse into the inner workings of a very sick organism. it's a gift because the perpetrators left behind so many loose ends and obvious and glaring contradictions. 110 story buildings do not crumble to dust in 10 or so seconds. it's physically impossible without an additional energy source to initiate such massive structural failure. you have to deal with that... and i beg you to consider that even NIST could not. NIST only focused on the "collapse initiation"... this could go on ad infinitum, you could post your sources and argument, and i mine... but in the end, you have to ask yourself: who am i? what i do stand for?

i was here in NYC that day. i saw those towers collapse with my two eyes. i knew the gloves were off.
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