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Reply #48: 77 tranponder and flight maps... [View All]

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greenman2 Donating Member (29 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Sep-23-04 07:17 PM
Response to Reply #38
48. 77 tranponder and flight maps...
>We have a plane called Flight 77.
>The first commercial airliner in history to reveal its altitude on a >radar screen.
>Even when it's transponder was turned off!

didnt they get one of the recorders from flight 77? i thought i read somewhere that , that is how they got the altitude data, i might be wrong though?

by the way the 911-commission report says that flight 175 CHANGED its transponder code TWICE. now from this link, it sounds like that is not all that unusual, does anyone know if its normal for a flight to change its txcode ?

i did an analysis on the flight maps. /

93 filed a new flight plan, but AFTER it was hijacked , a least accoriding to the maps...

flight 11 and 175 had the same ETA according to the maps, easy enough to start confusing ATC...

notice the timing, lots of stuff happened between 8:43 and 8:46

Flight 11 hits the WTC
Flight 175 deviates from its flight path
Flight 77 deviates from its flight path
Flight 93 is taking off.

8:15 a.m. Boston flight control tries but fails to contact the pilots of Flight 11, even using emergency frequencies.
8:20 a.m Flight 11 stops transmitting its IFF (identify friend or foe) beacon signal.
8:20 a.m.Flight 11 starts to veer dramatically off course around this time.
8:37 a.m. Flight controllers ask the Flight 175 pilots to look for a lost American Airlines plane 10 miles to the south
8:43 a.m. NORAD is notified that Flight 175 has been hijacked

from the 911 ommission report...
As we worked with your committee in looking at that, that was probably the point in time where we were concerned -- remember, that call, as I recall, actually came after United 175, as well as American 11, had already impacted the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center. Then we became very concerned -- not knowing what the call signs of those aircraft were that had hit the World Trade Center, we became very concerned at that particular point that those aircraft -- that some aircraft might be heading toward Washington, D.C.

BEN-VENISTE: General, is it not a fact that the failure to call our attention to the miscommunication and the notion of a phantom flight 11 continuing from New York City south, in fact, skewed the whole reporting of 9/11? It skewed the official Air Force report, which is contained in a book called Air War Over America, which does not contain any information about the fact that you were following or thinking of a continuation of flight 11 and that you had not received notification that flight 77 had been hijacked?

also from a differnt part of the report they say
Seconds after AA 11 impacted the tower, U175's transponder code changed, then changed again. These changes were not noticed for several munuites however, becuase the same controller was in charge of both flight 11 and 175

This is the same controller from Egypt air !

One air traffic controller - with the help of an assistant - monitored the flight patterns of the two jets that toppled the World Trade Center, the employee said. He directed American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 - both Boeing 767 jets that had Boston to Los Angeles routes, the employee said.

The same controller handled Egypt Air Flight 990 when it crashed off the coast of Massachusetts in 1999, the employee said. Hijackers gained control of American Airlines Flight 11 around Gardner, Mass., the employee said. "American was just flying around, doing what it wanted," the employee said of the jet's approach to New York.

and all the "plane swap" articles in one place...

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