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Reply #179: we can't link to that -- try: Death by Association (David Kelly + anthrax scientists) [View All]

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nashville_brook Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-02-08 12:59 PM
Response to Reply #132
179. we can't link to that -- try: Death by Association (David Kelly + anthrax scientists)
Edited on Fri May-02-08 01:00 PM by nashville_brook
(rense is a no-no -- he's gone batshit crazy with the anti-semitic crap.)

The extraordinary frequency of untimely deaths that benefit the Bush family

The recent death of microbiologist Dr David Kelly, the BBC's mole in the Iraq intelligence dossier scandal, is particularly poignant as he was at odds with what both George Bush and Blair were claiming about post-war discoveries of Iraqi weapons. Though an apparent suicide, rumours are beginning to circulate that this might be another case of a man with vital information being 'suicided' as a warning to others to keep their mouths shut? Days after his name was leaked, reportedly by the Ministry of Defense, as the suspected source for the BBC's May 29 report, Kelly was grilled by a Parliamentary committee set up to investigate the justifications of what led Britain to war in Iraq. Two days later Kelly's body was found in a wooded area near his home, his wrist slashed and a partly-empty package of painkillers nearby.

Whatever the truth about Dr Kelly's death, the possibility of the existence of government hit squads are a growing concern- in fact, in the US it almost seems as if it's the American way of dealing with muck-raking undesirables and whistleblowers.

Take the six dead American microbiologists linked to the hoax anthrax attacks. When the source of the high-grade anthrax was traced back to a Pentagon lab, microbiologists started dropping off like flies - five died between 12 November and 12 December 2001 in a series of suicides or heart attacks, usually in remote rural areas, while one was bashed to death with a baseball bat in a high-security lab. At least six and as many as fifteen died under suspicious circumstances -and all were directly connected to the CIA and its super-secret bio-weapons programs. It's not unreasonable to assume that when people are 'disappeared' it's because they know something important or incriminating were they in a position to shed light on the anthrax attacks?

Government hit squads and FBI spooks and snipers seem the stuff of fiction - routinely dismissed by those in the know as conspiracy-theory rubbish. But is it? It's a well-established fact that the US government has death squads all over Latin America and other parts of the world and, since the government-sanctioned killings at Ruby Ridge and Waco, where most of the victims were children, it has become apparent that it also terrorises its own people. According to a 1995 CNN/Time poll, 55% of Americans believe that 'the federal government has become so powerful that it threatens the rights of citizens ". Does the US government really terrorise its own citizens and deliberately silence journalists who don't toe the line?

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