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Mortimer Ichabod Donating Member (10 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-04-10 08:08 AM
Response to Reply #54
55. Ruby, etc
If evidence had emerged to corroborate what he said, then the lid would have blown off the entire case. Perhaps he said it because he had some shred of decency in him and wanted to at least hint at the truth? It is also my understanding that even with the JFK Act of 1992, and the subsequent release of documents through 1998, there are still well over 1 million documents pertaining to the case being withheld.

"As for the number of unreleased files, on September 29, 1998, NBC News reported that "millions" of pages would remain secret until 2017. The respected Washington watchdog group OMB Watch issued a report in 2000 quoting someone who worked with the Review Board as saying that "well over a million CIA records" alone related to JFK's assassination remain outstanding. The CIA--stated in a court filing last year that they reserved the right to withhold their unreleased JFK assassination files even beyond the 2017 deadline. It's unclear how that CIA assertion would affect copies of any of those--or related--files that might be held by other agencies, like the FBI."

If these documents have been released since, I have not been able to find something to indicate that.

You are always saying "where is the proof?" We have a deathbed confession from E. howard hunt according to his son. We have the case of marita lorenz in the mid 80s implicating the CIA. I admit, i need to do a lot more research but these would appear to be "smoking guns" if i was looking for one. And why are "millions" of pages still being withheld? Investigating the United States intelligence apparatus is different than investing Tom and Jane Smith down the street. They always have the ability to use "national security" as a reason to withhold informaton. Now I will admit, I am leaning toward the CIA involvement aspect while looking at the case, but I have just started looking into this within the past month.

I realize this may be a bit involved, and I will understand if you would rather not take the time to respond, but I saw an earlier post of yours that said you have flip flopped 3 times on your opinion of the case.

May I ask what made you change your mind each time? And also, what finally "sealed the deal" so to speak to sway you into thinking Oswald is/was the lone gunman?
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