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Reply #62: evil aunt Cia & insane uncle Dod wagged the dog for W [View All]

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shatoga Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-19-03 06:34 PM
Response to Reply #60
62. evil aunt Cia & insane uncle Dod wagged the dog for W
Edited on Sat Jul-19-03 06:44 PM by shatoga
our evil aunt Cia, and our insane uncle Dod
assisted by other NWO agencies

Wagged the Dog for our dear dubya?

Business as usual!

(use everything in "quotes" as a search term to read the truth from multiple sources.)

"Gulf of Tonkin" was an "Operation Northwoods" scam.

Wag the Gulf One was a scam based on lies about "tanks massed to invade Saudi Arabia" which the "St Petersburg FL Times" proved by buying photos from soviet spy sats which showed empty desert.

Wag the Gulf One
Bush the First had cited (crazy uncle Dod's) spy sat photos showing Saddam's tanks massed to invade Saudi Arabia-
PR agencies manufactured bogus stories about "preemies thrown from incubators in Kuwait"-
Bush's ambassador told Saddam:
"Your Arab to Arab disputes are none of our concern." thus approving the invasion of Kuwait.

note that China considered Hong Kong exactly like Iraq considered Kuwait.
A renegade province manipulated away by western powers.

a North American Air Defense Command;
NORAD- designed to track and destroy radar jamming soviet ICBMs
was unable to track 4 jumbo jets on 911.
Even though Fox news Weather Radar daily tracks rain clouds!

Let the 'tinfoil-hat Bush coincidence theorist' loonies answer:

Who puts those transponders on the clouds for Fox?

What rational person can doubt the "military stand down on 911"?

Anyone remember "Payne Stewart"?

During Clinton's Administration;
5 National Guard jets escorted Payne Stewart's out of contact jet until it crashed.
It was out of contact with the air traffic controllers-
who (ATC) back when America had a good President;
scrambled the Military whenever an airborne threat happened.

Stand down on 911 is self evident!

"What really happened" was "Operation Northwoods" "Wag the Dog"
as "" among hundreds of others has found.

"controlled demolition" was the first clue to many.

The stand down was evident to me as I watched live, as Bush sat and did nothing on stage at a local school.
(while kids read a story about a goat)
Then stood up and claimed to have called the governor of NY, and military commanders.

Delusional President and tinfoil hat coincidence theorists/
embedded in a cover up?

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