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Reply #212: What were the the military personel carrying [View All]

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RH Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-19-04 10:07 PM
Response to Reply #211
212. What were the the military personel carrying

under the blue tarp?

See for yourself. Examine the photo. In the background you can see the Navy Annex. The photo was obviously taken near to the Arlington Cemetery gate. The military gang were clearly, therefore, walking towards the Pentagon, not away from it, the fiction too often repeated by the disinformation mob.

The object was probably a lighting rig. Soon after 9/11 a great deal of equipment was moved onto the Pentagon lawn. Nothing was moved away from the incident towards the Cemetery. Plane parts and building debris were moved in the opposite direction, to the North Car Park.

The primary force did indeed carry most of the plane well into the building. The damage pattern extended nearly three hundred feet into the building. That's where the body parts and most of the aircraft material was found. I'd guess that 85 percent of the object ended up inside the edifice.

At the WC2 event no active electricity generator was involved, nor was there the same resistance from the building. Resistance to kinetic energy generates heat. Stone abrades aluminum.

I do not assume anything. I especially do not assume a reason to target any part of the Pentagon. I have no particular need to assume anything. It makes no difference to me. I do not assume that the Pentagon was a target. I would nevertheless assume that all those who work at the Pentagon have a common interest in wishing to stay alive.

The facts I have stated are all verifiable by affidavit. If you had anything substantial to refute the facts you would presumably show it. Given then that for the past two two years you have failed miserably to come up with anything so substantial to refute the facts I therefore assume that your fiction is horribly wrong.

I provided a possible explanation of the white flash. You have provided nothing to prove that anything else was the cause, nor have you shown anything to substantiate the idea that anything else would have caused a white flash.

I do have a reasoned explanation of the 9ft hole. A Boeing B757 hit the building. It caused extensive damage.

I have never assumed that Hani Hanjour intended to hit the Pentagon, nor did I ever assume that he flew the plane, nor did I ever assume that anybody else intended to hit the Pentagon.

Do you have anything to prove that anybody at all intended to hit the Pentagon? No you do not. The notion was never anything more than a facile, sensational conjecture. No trace of any plan to hit the Pentagon was ever discovered. No threat to hit the Pentagon was made.

It is you, not I, who prefers to rely upon the unproved assumption.

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