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johndoeX Donating Member (113 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Nov-28-06 08:49 AM
Response to Reply #17
18. Need to look closer
Edited on Tue Nov-28-06 08:55 AM by johndoeX
Reprehensor posted this thread on blogger.. I responded there.. but it seems Rep hasnt had a chance to move it here and i have some time.. Here is my reply...

When we first received the animation, i had thought perhaps the NTSB messed up on the graphical presentation as well (we went over this briefly on today's Jack Blood broadcast). However, if you look at the initial phases of flight (particularly the take off), it is lined up perfectly with the taxiways and runway as the aircraft taxi's out for take off. See trailer for upcoming documentary..

Also, we have further evidence which confirms the flight path.. including witnesses, which will be put together in a report. Those who believe in the official story as gospel will try to make up any excuse as to not disrupt that belief. They will accept the fact that the aircraft is lined up during initial phases of flight.. but make excuses for the end of flight. Typical. The facts are presented. The facts conflict with the official fairy tale. Considering this evidence, we would like for the US Govt to explain the flight path as well as all the other conflicts.. such as altitude, vertical speed... etc. All questions to the US Govt can be found on our pentagon page, mid-page. Hope this helps...


PS - Tell our friends at DU that the flight path in terms of true <b>course</b> (not heading) is 061.5 degrees according to the Flight Data Recorder. Not 059.5. Also, please remind them that the professionals at the NTSB dont make mistakes in terms of magnetic variation (as shown in the initial phases of flight). It is well known among the aviation community.. east is least.. west is best... Aviation 101. The person who prepared the information is Jim Ritter at the NTSB. Be sure to post the NTSB phone number at DU, 202-314-6000... perhaps they can get accurate answers for the flight path and other conflicts. Tell them to report their finding's.. record the call.

more added - it looks like you are assuming both flight paths hit the same spot on the pentagon. I'm not sure how you can assume that considering the NTSB animation stops prior to impact. Also, you have the mag heading as 80.5 degrees and the true 'heading' as 59.5... thats a 21 degree variation. Also remember you have to account for wind (which is obvious you did not).. The NTSB did. Your analysis is completely inaccurate. More information will be forthcoming.
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