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Reply #35: Atta's flight from Portand to Boston [View All]

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Response to Reply #27
35. Atta's flight from Portand to Boston
"We had established that Atta had left on Flight 4637 aboard N313(AE?)"

No you, Dulce, established that Atta flew on American Eagle.

"Mr. Atta was supposed to be aboard Colgan Air Flight 5930. But instead we have narrowed it down to American Eagle 4757."

Mr. Atta WAS onboard Colgan Air Flight 5930 operating as a US Airways Express flight. It was you, Dulce, who narrowed it down to him being on an American Eagle flight (in spite of several accounts from the media which identify it as a Colgan Airways/US Airways Express flight) simply because you can't find any Colgan Air flights out of Portland listed on the Bureau of Transportation's website. (They're not)

And WHY aren't these mysterious Colgan Airways flights listed? Is is part of some evil sinister government cover-up? No. If you go to the BTS page it clearly states:

"Airline on-time data are reported each month to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) by the 19 U.S. air carriers that have at least 1 percent of total domestic scheduled-service passenger revenues, plus other carriers (Hawaiian Airlines) that report voluntarily."

The 19 carriers required to report on-time statistics to the bts are:

AirTran Airways (FL)
Alaska Airlines (AS)
Aloha Airlines
America West Airlines (HP)
American Airlines (AA)
American Eagle (MQ)
ATA Airlines (TZ)
Atlantic Coast Airlines (DH)
Atlantic Southeast Airlines (EV)
Continental Airlines (CO)
Delta Air Lines (DL)
ExpressJet Airline (RU)
JetBlue Airways
Northwest Airlines (NW)
SkyWest Airlines (OO)
Southwest Airlines (WN)
United Airlines (UA)
US Airways (US)

Colgan Airways is not required to report their on-time statistics to the BTS. That doesn't mean they don't operate the flights, however. Frontier Airlines, with a hub in Denver, is much larger than Colgan and they don't report on-time stats to the bts either.

"Colgan Air has a website. Let us go and check it out."

"Portland, Maine
Colgan Air operating as a US Airways Express Carrier provides daily round trip air service between Boston's Logan International Airport and Portland International Jetport.

Why so little information
on the places you fly to from Portland, Maine?

What happened to La Guardia?
And Philadelphia?
And Pittsburgh?
We know for a fact that you do fly to Pennsylvania.

Departure Statistic(s): Actual Departure Time
Airport(s): PWM
Airline(s): US
Month(s): September
Day(s): 11
Year(s): 2001
Airport: Portland, ME - Portland International Jetport (PWM)
US 09/11/2001 0680 N590US PHL 5:47 Philadelphia International, PA.
US 09/11/2001 1211 N435US PIT 6:29 Pittsburgh International, PA.
US 09/11/2001 2161 N420US PHL 7:28 Philadelphia International, PA.

How come you don't want to list this on your website? How come you only mention BOSTON?"

Easy, Dulce. Because Colgan Airways is a separate company from US Airways. Colgan Airways operates the flights from Portland to Boston FOR US Airways operating as US Airways Express. The flights from Portland to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh on the September 2001 schedule that you referred to above were being operated by US Airways THEMSELVES as mainline flights, as opposed to being operated by Colgan Airways as commuter jet flights FOR US Airways.

Also you are looking at Colgan's website TODAY and asking why flights which may or may not have been operating THREE YEARS ago are not mentioned. US Airways and it's relationships with it's commuter carriers changes on a day to day basis.

"Oh, well, I guess that since it is your own website, and your own Virginia-based airline, you can do as you please. I was just wondering WHY you would WANT to be known as the airline that ferried the hijackers,
when it currently appears to the rest of us that you actually did no such thing."

I think it only appears that way to you, Dulce, and a few others. Certainly do not include "me" when you refer to "the rest of us" as I am not in agreement with you at all on this matter.
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