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DulceDecorum Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-30-04 02:56 PM
Response to Original message
22. Six whole minutes.
The Boston Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is seeking the assistance of the citizens of Portland, Maine, in an effort to help identify additional information regarding the activities of MOHAMED ATTA and ABDUL AZIZ AL-OMARI while in Portland. Sometime on Monday afternoon, September 10, 2001, ATTA and AL-OMARI departed Boston, Massachusetts, and arrived in Portland later that same day. The FBI has developed a chronology of the activities of ATTA and AL-OMARI while in Portland. All times are approximate.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

5:33 am ATTA and AL-OMARI checked out of the Comfort Inn.
5:40 am The 2001 blue Nissan Altima rental car, bearing Massachusetts license 3335VI, entered Portland International Jetport Airport parking lot. It was parked on the first floor directly across from the airport entrance.
5:43 am ATTA and AL-OMARI checked in at US AIRWAYS counter.
5:45 am ATTA and AL-OMARI passed through airport security.
6:00 am ATTA and AL-OMARI departed on Colgan Air en route to Boston, Massachusetts.

Now it just WOULD have to be the Boston FBI now, wouldn't it?
The self-same Boston FBI
that framed Salvati
and created a such a big mess for FBI Director Mueller,
that Dubya had to invoke executive privilege
to save his skanky behind.
Which behind?
Either or.

On Sept. 10, Atta and Alomari left Boston in a rented Nissan Altima and drove 100 miles north to Portland. They spent the night in Room 232 at the Comfort Inn near the airport. Going to Portland to board the connecting flight to Logan, investigators speculate, may have been designed so as not to draw attention to all 10 arriving at the Boston airport at nearly the same time. After passing through the security checkpoint at the Maine airport, and getting their pictures taken by the surveillance camera, they boarded US Airways Express Flight 5930. The 19-seat aircraft departed shortly after 6 a.m. for the 50-minute flight to Boston.,0,5027413.story

At 0759 American Airlines Flight 11 took off from Logan headed for Los Angeles. The Boeing 767 had 92 people on board, less than half full. Two minutes later, United Airlines Flight 93 left Newark bound for San Francisco with 45 passengers and crew aboard. At 0810 American Airlines Flight 77 left Washingtons Dulles Airport, headed for Los Angeles with 64 people on the Boeing 757. Finally, at 0814 United Airlines Flight 175 departed Logan for Los Angeles with 65 passengers.

So far, so good.

The video of Atta and Alomari has a time-date stamp
indicating that one frame was taken at 5:53AM on September 11, 2001.

Therefore we "know" that Atta and companion were still at the Jetport and had not boarded a plane,
at 5:53AM on September 11. Since the flight from PWR to BOS is alleged to have taken 50 minutes,
and the hijacked plane left Logan at 7:59AM,
the two men must have departed BEFORE 8:10AM.
Let us arrange the flights that actually departed according to the time at which they did so.
Our job is made easy by the fact that there were only two flights out of Portland heading for Boston on that particular day.
AMR Corp reported these planes as being:
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4637, N266MQ, PWM, 6:17
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4757, N313MQ, PWM, 7:39
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4488, N739MQ, LGA, 6:00

So we have two flights from Portland into Logan,
and one flight into LaGuardia
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4637, N266MQ, PWM, 6:17
N266MQ is not Assigned/Reserved. No such plane.
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4757, N313MQ, PWM, 7:39
N313MQ is not Assigned/Reserved. No such plane.
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4488, N739MQ, LGA, 6:00
N739MQ is not Assigned/Reserved. No such plane.

Now, American Eagle is a subsidiary of AMRCorp. It would appear that when AMRCorp submits data to the BTS, it refrains from using the correct FAA N-numbers assigned to that particular aircraft. Nor does AMRCorp settle for a simple substitution of the AMR fleet number for that particular aircraft.
That would be too easy.
American Airlines and American Eagle use a very confusing numbering system which takes a lot of time and effort to decipher.
But look what happens when you change the last two letters from MQ to AE. All three planes check out as being directly connected to American Eagle.
Now, we had discovered from the BTS statistics, that three American Eagle planes actually departed Portand Jetport in Maine on September 11, 2001.

N266MQ which was heading to Logan on 9:11,
appears to actually be N266AE
N266AE is a Saab which is currently being stored at Abilene, Texas.

N313MQ which was heading to Logan on 9:11,
appears to actually be N313AE
N313AE is a Saab which is currently being stored at Abilene, Texas.

N739MQ which was heading to LaGuardia on 9:11,
appears to actually be N739AE.
N739AE is an Embraer 135LR.

Let us take another look at the flights in out of Portland Jetport
and compare them with the arrivals into Boston.

Actual departures out of PWM.
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4637, N266MQ, BOS, 5:28
US, 09/11/2001, 0680, N590US, PHL, 5:47
DL, 09/11/2001, 0321, N908DL, CVG, 5:53
Atta photographed at airport check in counter at 5:53AM
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4488, N739MQ, LGA, 6:00
US, 09/11/2001, 1211, N435US, PIT, 6:29
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4757, N313MQ, BOS, 6:48*
UA, 09/11/2001, 1725, N324UA, ORD, 6:52
US, 09/11/2001, 2161, N420US, PHL, 7:28
DL, 09/11/2001, 1149, N983DL, ATL, 7:39
NW, 09/11/2001, 1851, N1332U, DTW, 8:24

Actual Arrivals into Boston from PWM
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4563, UNKNOW, PWM, 0:00
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4637, N266MQ, PWM, 6:17
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4757, N313MQ, PWM, 7:39
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4874, UNKNOW, PWM, 0:00
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4882, UNKNOW, PWM, 0:00
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4889, UNKNOW, PWM, 0:00
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4899, UNKNOW, PWM, 0:00
MQ, 09/11/2001, 4920, UNKNOW, PWM, 0:00

Well then, that narrows it down to two possible flights.
Mr. Atta was photographed in the Portland Jetport at 5:53AM
which means that he could NOT have been aboard
Flight 4637, N266MQ,
which had left for Boston 25 minutes earlier, at 5:28AM.
The only flight out of Portland Jetport
that Mr. Atta could possibly have taken on the morning of September 11, 2001, is
American Eagle 09/11/2001, 4757, N313(AE?) BOS, 6:48.

N313AE is a 1992 Saab, SF-340B, serial number 340B-313,
which is currently being stored in Abilene, Texas.
I am not sure how long it has been there.

The Triennial Aircraft Registration form for N313AE
was mailed to
American Eagle Airlines Inc.
4333 Amon Carter Blvd # MD5494
Fort Worth, TX 76155-2605
on May 18, 2004
and has not been returned by the Post Office.

Yet, the status is listed as VALID.
This smells of military, or covert, involvement.
Some planes from Dyess AFB are shuttled to Davis-Monathan AFB,
which is the home of the electronic warfare planes.
Naturally the FBI is close at hand.

DAVIS-MONTHAN AFB, Ariz. - Noseless, wingless, doorless aircraft wait silently in the desert "boneyard," their dreams of flying again slowly disappearing like their parts.
They endure the indignity of rubbernecking tourists, mechanics who strip away their metal and animals who nest in them. Such is the life of some of the 4,500 planes at the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.
The aircraft may not enjoy baking in the stifling heat, but visitors love to see them, said Lt. Daniel King, an AMARC spokesman. About 40 people a day tour the facility.
"There's such a wide variety of aircraft stored out here, it's believable," King said.
The B-1 bomber is the latest addition. The facility will store 24 B-1s, some from Dyess AFB in Abilene.
They join endless rows of planes.
AMARC is home to Vietnam-era fighters, B-52 bombers, helicopters and a Navy cargo plane that was stuck in ice almost 20 years. FBI agents use commercial jets in one area for training. King cannot take visitors near those planes.
"They're a little secretive about it," he said.

In a distant corner of the Boneyard, the littered wreckage of several assorted planes is the bleakest sight. The FBI uses the carcasses to rehearse airplane hostage rescues, shooting up the aircraft in the process.
No problem, really. When the agents are done, damage repair crews use the battered aircraft to test their skills at patching planes shot up in war zones.

We have heard that FBI/CIA/NORAD/FEMA exercises were being run on September 11.
We have even heard that one such execrise involved the crashing of planes into buildings,
but let us return to Mr. Atta.

Following is a transcript of the radio communications of American Airlines Flight 11 (AAL11) and United Air Lines Flight 175, which took off from Logan International Airport in Boston and then were crashed into the World Trade Center. The transcripts were obtained by The New York Times.

7:45:48 -- Ground Control 1: American eleven heavy boston ground gate thirty two you're going to wait for a Saab to go by then push back.

7:45:58 -- AAL11: After the Saab cleared to push, and we're gonna need four right today, American eleven heavy.

7:46:09 -- Ground Control 1: American eleven heavy uh understand you need alpha roger. Push back after the Saab is approved.

7:46:15 -- AAL11: O.K. Yeah what I said was we're going to need runway four right today, American eleven heavy.

7:46:21 -- Ground Control 1: American eleven heavy. Roger plan on runway four right.

7:49:20 -- AAL11: American eleven, heavy taxi november.

7:49:23 -- Ground Control 1: O.K. American eleven heavy, just hold right there i'll move you shortly.

7:50:00 -- Ground Control 1: American eleven heavy, you're going to give way to the Dornier and the regional jet on the opposite side. Taxi to the bravo hold point via kilo bravo. Expect runway four right for departure.

Flight 11 had to wait for a Saab to go by before it could push back out of its berth and taxi towards a runway.
if that Saab is 4757, N313MQ,
then our Mr. Atta is cutting it a bit fine.
Jeez Louise, he might just miss hijacking that flight!!!

But it can't be, can it?
7:39AM arrival on Saab.
7:45AM departure on Boeing 767.
That leaves SIX WHOLE MINUTES!!!

The suspected ringleader of last week's terrorist assault came close to missing his American Airlines flight out of Boston and showed up at the gate perspiring, says an American Airlines employee at Logan International Airport.
The gate agent who checked in Mohamed Atta and gave him his boarding pass told the FBI that she remembers him showing up for Flight 11 late, his face covered with sweat, the source says.
"The girl that checked Atta said he was sweating bullets, that he was running late," the employee said. "His forehead was drenched."

Because of an American policy instated just before Sept. 11 to curb baggage-related flight delays, Atta's two checked bags which had been held up from an earlier flight were left behind in Boston, says the employee, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal from the Dallas-based carrier, which continues to gag all employees from talking about the Sept. 11 hijackings. Two of the hijacked flights were American.
As it happens, Atta was the only passenger among the 81 aboard American Flight 11 whose luggage didn't make the flight, American sources confirm. Atta is thought to have piloted the Boeing 767, loaded with some 16,000 gallons of fuel, into the first World Trade Center tower a year ago today.

DAMN those baggage handlers sure can hustle
- if Alomari got to take his luggage.
Why, they must all have been sprinting to that plane together.

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