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Reply #31: seem to ignore the point.... [View All]

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pelsar Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Feb-01-05 01:11 AM
Response to Reply #30
31. seem to ignore the point....
Edited on Tue Feb-01-05 02:07 AM by pelsar
you telll me, where is that officer today vs where is the killers of the tortured man?
and who reported on the officer and who on the palesteniain?

in case you missed the whole point of the PA setting up an infrastructure for a state was for them to get used to using "rules of society-it doesnt come in an instant....they have TODAY courts, lawyers, a parliment, a prime minister etc....why are you excusing them of having the responsability....

quite the opposite by giving them a "pass" you telling them that they dont have to accept the responsabilties that go with statehood, and that is precisly our fears, that they wont understand that its time to own up to that responsabilities for good and for them a pass with excuses doesnt do them any good.

and those killers are not a guerilla group, they are part of the PA and palestenian society..your excusing them, which you shouldnt why would you?


I dont understand, i really dont. as far as I understand your saying that "its ok that the palestenians tortured that guy for a couple of days because they are fighting the israelis....did i get that right?

and that they really dont deserved to be punished because they are fighting the israelis and the PA is not a nation yet, so even if they should be, they cant (btw-the PA has and uses it jails-when they want to)

and that torturing that person for a couple of days and it being ok because they are fighting the israelis is comparable to the israeli office who killed a 13yr old and is now on trial, turned in by his own men?

that seems to be the "jist" of it...and I really dont undestand....nor do most israelis, perhaps you can explain it to me very simply:

I apologies for being repetitious here, but my mind simply doesnt seem to be able to bridge the gap between equating torturing someone (mentally retarded at that) vs killing in a combat zone with the officer now on trial

I am not talking about whether the PA can or cannot capture the men invovled, thats a different story, i am talking about what seems to be you "excusing them"...saying that its ok because..... (that part 'boggles my mind")
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