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Reply #77: How can you not hate Hamas and the PA for their evil treatment of women, children, gays... [View All]

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shira Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-30-11 04:54 AM
Response to Reply #63
77. How can you not hate Hamas and the PA for their evil treatment of women, children, gays...
Edited on Wed Nov-30-11 04:58 AM by shira
...religious minorities, refugees, and political dissidents?

Is their policy not racist, bigoted, or evil? :shrug:

Also, you must have a very low opinion of Zionists for failing to realize how supportive they are of a racist, bigoted, evil agenda. That's like giving Nazis the benefit of the doubt for not realizing how evil, bigoted, and racist Naziism was. But at least you're consistent. Apparently, the higher ups in Hamas and the PLO don't know how evil, racist, and bigoted their policies are either.

How do you destroy Zionism without destroying Israel? The only way Zionism can be destroyed is if Israel is destroyed. Israel will not allow the situation for Jews either within or outside Israel to return to pre-1948 conditions when there was nowhere else to go.

out of curiosity, do you acknowledge that a state that treated its Jewish citizens the way Israel treats its Arabs would rightly be branded grossly antisemitic?

Israel is not grossly bigoted/racist. Discrimination exists, but that's the case in every western liberal democracy. I'd be surprised if any other nation were as tolerant and liberal as Israel if they were similarly under constant attack from their neighbors like Israel has been the past 60 years. Imagine what the USA would do to Canada, Mexico and their citizens were they like Israel's enemies. But I'll tell you this much - I'd gladly settle for Jews historically being treated in other lands as Arabs have been treated within Israel. Israel has far and away treated Arabs much better than the rest of the world has treated Jews. It's not even close. One example. Arabs in Israel don't require security for big gatherings in meeting halls, at their schools or in their mosques. Jews require security worldwide in the USA, UK, Canada , etc... for all big gatherings, in all their schools and synagogues. And the Jews pay for all that. Their security is not covered by the state or government outside Israel. Arabs in Israel don't have to worry about that. Wrap your mind around that one...

Incidentally, the PLO is not a rejectionist organisation - unlike Netanyahu, Abbas clearly genuinely wants a two-state solution.

Yeah, right. Abbas rejected an offer at Annapolis that went further than the Clinton Parameters, which Arafat regretted rejecting. Abbas has also evaded negotiations, even during an unprecedented 10 month settlement freeze. And that's just the tip of iceberg...

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