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Reply #94: I'll have to answer your question with a question. [View All]

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Wizard777 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-11-10 01:27 PM
Response to Reply #86
94. I'll have to answer your question with a question.
Edited on Fri Jun-11-10 01:29 PM by Wizard777
How are individual Palestinians responsible for the acts of other individual Palestinians and what crimes did these individual Palestinians do to warrant mass expulsion from the land on which they live?

Personally I've never even felt the need to go through history trying to track down jewish crimes. But some of the resentments comes from Jewish Theology, customs and traditions. The Vatican not that long ago released a letter from the Bishop of Poland to Pius XII. In the letter the Bishop had stated that "Judaism has become a disease upon the minds of the German Youth." I sometimes cite that letter in debate on the theory of addiction that makes freewill a disease of the mind. We're also seeing that tact used against Muslims because of their Theology, customs and traditions. Both are cultuer clashes. There is also a new theory evolving about the Exodus. The Pharaoh granted Moses their freedom. But that's all he granted them. The new theory to which they have found some archaeological evidence, that is being hotly disputed, would also explain why Pharaoh went after them when they left. Apparently they weren't going into the desert with no supplies. Being slaves they would have little or no money to buy supplies with. So they looted a few Egyptian towns on the way out. That's why Pharaoh set out after them with the army. It was to bring them back to egypt for their crimes against egypt. Then there's the cover story of not needing supplies because God sent them Manna from Heaven. But as I said the archaeological findings are hotly being disputed. If the evidence stands. Then the world has an account of exodus from the POV of Egyptians. That would also confirm that the Exodus is more than Jewish Myth. It would become a Historical fact. If the evidence is disproved. Then Exodus remains a Jewish Myth. Frankly I'm not a historic fart sniffer. But they do exist and you have to be wary of them in your studies of history. Spin a propaganda is not a modern invention. The God's of the old religion have always become the devils of the new religion.
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