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Reply #26: Those 3 countries practice real apartheid and are supported by the USA and UK [View All]

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shira Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed May-12-10 05:15 AM
Response to Reply #19
26. Those 3 countries practice real apartheid and are supported by the USA and UK
Edited on Wed May-12-10 05:39 AM by shira
...but that doesn't appear to bother you in the least. And neither does it appear to bother you that the UN has a different set of expectations for Israel than it does for other countries (yet another form of apartheid and you fully support it AFAIK). Goldstone, unlike David Duke, actually carried out and enforced what Duke only writes and raves about. No one here AFAIK takes Duke's rants about Israel seriously but they certainly do WRT Goldstone. All I'm looking for is a little consistency from folks like yourself.

As for the ANC, they were BFF with Arafat back in the 70's when the PLO was only interested in fulfilling their destructive charter (hardly a peaceful liberation movement). They also had close ties to complete pieces of shit like Idi Amin at the height of his lunacy and especially after the IDF raid on Entebbe in 1976, which Mandela actually had the nerve to harshly criticize.

Lastly, this is really all about credibility. If Goldstone's facts WRT Israel in Gaza were unassailable and all Israel could do is personally attack Goldstone you'd have a case. We all know, however, that Goldstone's Report is complete horseshit, mostly based on Hamas approved "eyewitness" testimony - of the type Goldstone accepted back in the 90's when he indicted a Serbian fictional character. Goldstone's past is highly relevant now and explains how this "respected" Judge put his stamp of approval on such a horrid report.

BTW, Goldstone is still lying about there being no substantive criticism of his report...

You can see the hebrew version if you use a google translation to verify for yourself. It's from THIS week. And don't forget what his bigoted military henchman, Colonel Travers, said here WRT "Jewish Lobbies"...

Travers' military expertise in Gaza (regarding weapons in mosques) was called into question by one of his own fellow military men... /

That you pretend Goldstone's report is credible given the bigoted nature of the UNHRC, Goldstone's dark background and his continued lies, as well as the thorough refutations of the report available here for example.... /

...speaks volumes about you more than anything else.
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