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Djinn Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-31-10 02:07 AM
Response to Reply #22
87. to second VC
Edited on Sun Jan-31-10 02:15 AM by Djinn
Progressive is not generally used in Australia except sometimes in a social sense. Most people who would be considered progressive and/or liberal in the US would simply refer to themselves as left wing here. Where we live left wing is a term with far less baggage than in the US. For example we didn't have to listen to deafening screams of "COMMIE!!!" when we instituted national health.

It is perfectly possible to be progressive in the Australian sense but not be left wing. In general (although scarily it's changing) our right wingers aren't held to ransom by ridiculous sky god believing lunatics and therefore (mostly) have little problem being both right wing (which is an ECONOMIC distinction about ones beliefs in the distribution of wealth and power) and small L liberal in terms of gay rights, gender equity etc.

In the US the political discourse is so debased that as long as one is nice to gay/black/female people then one is 'left wing' regardless of their heinous views on wealth & power distribution. People in power have done that on purpose to hijack the left wing agenda so it looks like what the Dems advocate - ie bugger off on EFCA but yes to ending 'don't ask don't tell' (a laudable goal but not an inherently left wing one)

Most (if not all) US politicians are right wing REGARDLESS of their views on I/P because of their views on economic issues.

I have to take issue with your view of life in Gaza, have you ever been there? I assume not as you seem to have a highly distorted view of life there. Are you aware that there were FEMALE Hamas candidates (and at least one Christian one also). Are you aware that many women in Gaza work (including in high level HAMAS government positions, do not wear the veil, have equal voting rights etc

I have no love for Hamas (nor anyone that bases any of their views on some ridiculous ancient sky god myth - fundies settlers, fundie Muslims and fundie abortion provider murderers can ALL go jump as far as I'm concerned) HOWEVER I DO understand why the Gazan population, mostly, supports them. Do you have any understanding of why Hamas have so much support, why women support them in droves...hint it's got very little to do with fundamentalist Islam.

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