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Reply #53: you called the vast majority of progressive, pro-Israel leftist democratic politicos "stupid" [View All]

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shira Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jan-26-10 07:09 PM
Response to Reply #47
53. you called the vast majority of progressive, pro-Israel leftist democratic politicos "stupid"
Edited on Tue Jan-26-10 07:37 PM by shira
...or at the very least - tools bought off by lobbies and/or their voters. So they're either stupid or weak and will not stand up for what you (or they) believe to be the correct leftwing view on I/P. You slammed them. There's something definitely wrong with most leftwing, democratic, pro-Israel American politicos in your opinion.

The fact is, you are on the outside looking in with regard to both the American and Israeli leftwing mainstream. Your views are too extreme for the vast majority of Israeli and American leftists. IOW, your views on I/P are incompatable with the mainstream left in both countries. It's beyond ludicrous to claim that the majority of leftwingers in America and Israel are a little too "rightwing" or conservative, so why do you attempt to go that route with me?

It's ironic that you bring up my lack of posting upstairs, as if that shows I'm really not so leftwing. The irony is that you're even more "silent" WRT condemning Hamas' use of child shields and combatants, treatment of women and gays, incitement to kill Jews followed up by celebrating those murders (Sami Kuntar hero worship), Egypt's blockade and stopping all aid to Gaza, etc. And you shed no tears for the fact that no trusted leftwing organization or group that you know consistently stands up for Palestinians against their own regressive Arab leadership (which makes Nutty look extremely liberal in comparison). For some reason it doesn't bother you that in effect - even if not in intent - far leftists like yourself only contribute to more Palestinian suffering and play into the hands of local Arab leadership which is largely devoted to the Palestinian cause (at the expense of the Palestinian people). You're playing their game, doing the demonizing for Hamas and Fatah, even if you don't see it that way - keeping the pressure largely off them and always on Israel - like the Goldstone Report.

As for criticizing Israel, there is plenty of rational leftwing criticism out there (Carlo Strenger, David Hirsch, Amos Oz, etc..) and then there are far leftwing defamers who go way beyond criticism and into demonization. You're well aware of the difference between criticism and demonization (when it comes to anti-Muslim bigotry), so do you think it would be fair to label you as someone who is against any criticism of Muslim (or Arab) leadership? Would it be fair to say you can't tolerate legitimate criticism of Arab leadership at all, without labeling it bigotry? In your world only Israel should be criticized, and that criticism should run constantly 24/7 with no time to think about criticizing Arab leadership....?

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