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Shaktimaan Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon May-18-09 04:41 AM
Response to Reply #69
78. You know what the problem is?
Until recently Israel had a pretty large and active peace movement based on the concept of land for peace. The belief was that if Israel were to offer concessions, make a credible offer for the establishment of a Palestinian state and so on, that peace was attainable. It was basically the same thing that you're suggesting. Israel would make some concessions that would improve the Palestinian's quality of life, give them some limited self-determination (to begin with) so they could slowly build the government institutions necessary to run a state, bring in international investment, and so on, as a show of good faith and to give the Palestinians a reason to fight for peace... to show them the benefits of peace with Israel. In short, they thought, "oppression is bringing us nothing. If we offer them respect and opportunity instead then it will pay us dividends in peace."

The problem is that it did not work out well. There's a reason that the Israeli Peace movement is in shambles today. Their ideology, (our ideology), was tested and it failed. It failed miserably. And as much as it kills me to admit it, because I was a big supporter of the LfP concept, the Israeli Right predicted the outcome very accurately.

Don't get me wrong. Israel didn't do everything perfectly, nor were any of their concessions completely adequate for the long term. But they existed. And the result gave Israel a pretty good idea of what to expect from that brand of solution. Which was grim, to say the least. From the Israeli perspective, their issue with making territorial concessions coupled with increased autonomy is that it greatly reduces their security. So they need to know that any effort on their part will be met with a decrease in terrorism. So far every time Israel has made sizable concessions to the Palestinians it has resulted in exponentially increased violence visited upon Israel.

If Israel freezes settlement construction, closes checkpoints, removes their military from parts of the OPT, ends military ops in the OPT, begins allowing Palestinians into Israel to work in large numbers and so on, and the immediate result is a drastic increase in terrorism, then it isn't going to end up working. Any peace process has to benefit both sides. You can't expect Israeli to "wait it out" while terrorism gets worse and worse.

Oslo brought terror. There was no benefit for Israel. The same thing goes for the withdrawal from Gaza. And the withdrawal from Lebanon. However the fence and checkpoints brought security. Peace is always going to be a tough sell unless it actually brings, you know... peace.
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