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Reply #68: No Way! PRAY ALL YOU FEEL THE NEED TO! [View All]

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captainamerica101 Donating Member (61 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Oct-20-03 01:37 AM
Response to Reply #39
Agh, again with the nit-picking on trivial details like "how much" the U.S. assisted in the formation and desires of Israel from 1947 on!

Okay fine, my friend.
No American troops fought in 1947-9.
No American weapons were used in 1947-9.
No American has ever "fought" there. (I wrongly believed we helped the Israeli's fight their way in and THEN we backed out never to fight again for fear of the political repercussions.)

But can YOU my friend say that America was not "informed" of what was to about to occur in these same years?

America practically created the U.N. that (very soon after) said Israel should be right about here (pointing to map).

We are arguing "degrees of American help" I guess then, and America HAS vetoed almost any resolutions condemming Israel since day 1. (With a few squeakers making it through though against Israel.)

And sometimes my friend even you have to KNOW that "political support" (open or silent support) is what matters MOST when you are driving people out like cattle for 60 years like Israel has.

America WAS complicit in 1947, (if not directly fighting), period.
I'll just stick with that then.

Can YOU name ONE area where Israel has political, economic, or military value to the USA in return?

Please do not give me that Cold War "they are guarding the oil" either.

We all know that if America truly wanted to drill some geo-thermals like Denmark has, or build some tidal plants like Britian has, or wind-farms on the ocean like (I forget who) has, but the USA could sink so many wells and build so many of these other things in just 5 years (with the 2.7 million Bush unemployed) that America would not NEED oil EVER!

Half the time I think the oil over there in the Mid-East is just a excuse (meant for the world to cry about) while we "meddle" with the economies of our enemies far more often than anything else, you know?

Seems to me, if you turn your back on the dollar, you are going to get invaded PERIOD (Panama, Iraq, e.t.c.)
We want that dollar "in place" at any cost and that is why I want Dean to be elected President to get us out of this circle.

The world is loing patience with us in defending Israel for no good reason. We have to dump them as dead wood soon!

I mean, sooner or later they have to get off American welfare anyway right?
Sink or swim Israel.
Sink or swim.

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