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Reply #32: Amo Tax & Gun Cintrol Votes [View All]

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KerryOn Donating Member (899 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jan-18-05 06:24 PM
Response to Reply #11
32. Amo Tax & Gun Cintrol Votes
1)AMMO TAX - NRA Fact: Kerry says, "I think you ought to tax all ammunition, personally, I think you ought to tax guns."

This statement came from an appearance by Kerry on CNN in 1993. The statement is true however it was taken somewhat out of context. What they were referring to was a tax on mushrooming bullets, like cop killer bullets.

Guns and ammunition are already taxed more than normal, and the money goes to the Fish and Wildlife Service under the Department of the Interior. Is there anything wrong with that? Kerry did state that he felt that regular ammunition should be taxed more, and that guns should be taxed as well, but he did not explain weather he was simply agreeing with the current tax, or if he was insinuating the tax should be higher than it is now.

To my knowledge Kerry has never tried to pass legislation to increase taxes for ammunition or guns.
*See for additional information.

2) Kerry Votes to ban all semi-automatic weapons?
NRA Fact?: "Kerry has voted nine times in favor of banning semi-auto firearms."

The votes were not to ban ALL semi-auto firearms as the statement implies. Every single vote had something to do with getting the original 1994 assault weapons ban passed. So did he vote one time or nine times?

The first three votes were in 1990, which were votes on a crime bill that were early unsuccessful attempts for the assault weapons ban, which latter became law.

Vote No 133, June 28, 1990 Senate Bill S.1907 Deconcini Amdt. 2085; Providing for the "Antidrug, Assault Weapons Limitation Act". To protect the public safety by imposing minimum, mandatory prison sentences for firearm violations, other violent crimes, and drug crimes.

Vote No 103, May 23, 1990 Senate Bill S.1970 Hatch Amdt. No. 1681; To strike the gun provisions. A bill to establish constitutional procedures for the imposition of the sentence of death, and for other purposes.

Vote No 102, May 23, 1990 Senate Bill S.1970 Motion To Table S.Amdt. 1676; To define the term assault weapon and to ban the sale of large-capacity magazines.

The remaining six votes were on the assaults weapons ban. Five of these six votes were on the original passage of it in 1994. The sixth vote was in March of 2004 to extend it. (Bush support it as well but let it expier for political reason just before the election. It had pased all he had to do was sign it!)

Vote No 24, March 2, 2004 Assault Weapons Ban Bill S.1803, Feinstein Amdt. No. 2637; To provide for a 10-year extension of the assault weapons ban. This is the assault weapons ban that just expired in Sept 2003. What wrong with extending it?

Vote No 295, Aug 25, 1994 - Motion to waive C.B.A. re: conference report to accompany h.r.3355; Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.

Vote No 294, Aug 24, 1994 - cloture motion on conference report to accompany h.r.3355; Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994

Vote No 293, Aug 25, 1994 - motion to waive C.B.A. re: conference report to accompany h.r.3355; Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994

Vote No 375, Nov 17, 1993 Senate Bill S.1607 Feinstein Amdt. No. 1152; To restrict the manufacture, transfer, and possession of certain semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices.

Vote No 365, Nov 9, 1993 Senate Bill S.1607 Motion to Table Levin Amdt. No. 1151; To improve Federal and State fingerprint systems to identify more criminal suspects.

You can search and read all the votes here: (Click on the year and then look for the vote number.)

NRA Ad Falsely Accuses Kerry
It says he's sponsoring a proposal to ban "every pump shotgun" and voted "to ban deer-hunting ammunition." Don't believe either claim.
October 28, 2004
Modified:October 28, 2004

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund began airing a TV ad Oct. 26 falsely accusing Kerry of voting to ban deer-hunting ammunition. In fact, what Kerry voted for was a proposal to outlaw rifle ammunition "designed or marketed as having armor piercing capability."

The NRA ad also claims Kerry is co-sponsoring a bill to "that would ban every semiautomatic shotgun and every pump shotgun." That's false. Kerry co-sponsored extension of the now-expired assault-weapon ban, a measure that would have expanded the ban to cover military-style shotguns but specifically exempts pump-action shotguns.

This ad began airing in Wisconsin Oct. 26, and may also be running in other battleground states. Some of the claims are false, others merely misleading or exaggerated.

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