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Reply #28: You have made some good poits. [View All]

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KerryOn Donating Member (899 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-17-05 09:41 PM
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28. You have made some good poits.
Edited on Mon Jan-17-05 09:42 PM by KerryOn
But I dont see everything the same as you. I'm a gun owner as well, and I don't hunt.

I realy didn't see much difference between Kerry and Bush when it came to guns. The Republicans just ran a better campaign on the gun issue is all, and the NRA helped them. The NRA gave Kerry and "F" on gun control, siting I believe 15 or 16 so called facts against Kerry. If you check out the NRA's so called facts you will find that almost every single one of them was a LIE. Even president Bush supported the assult weapons ban, he just didn't want to deal with it before the election.

Here is my favorite NRA so called fact as an example:

NRA SO CALLED FACT: "Kerry has voted to hold the highly regulated American firearms industry legally responsible for the illegal acts of violent criminals."

A YES vote on this bill would have prevented manufactures, distributors, dealers, trade groups and importers from being sued. As it stands now the firearms industry can already be sued for violent crimes committed with a firearm. (But that does not mean that they will be found responsible.)

The fact is the NRA member Craig (who is also a Senator) URGED senators to VOTE AGAINST the bill after some amendments were added, calling them "poison pill" measures. And he did just that, Kerry voted NO.

A YES vote would have made background checks at most gun shows mandatory, which many gun owners are against and would have required a license for any individual to sell a gun at a gun show. (This would not include sales from homes or hunting clubs.)

A YES vote would have reauthorized the assault weapons band for 10 years, which many gun owners are against.

Kerry voted NO, and the bill did not pass. If it had passed, it would have taken away gun owners rights. Nothing changed and by voting NO Kerry protected gun owners rights.

Senate kills bill protecting gun makers
WASHINGTON (CNN) --The Senate Tuesday overwhelmingly voted to kill a bill that would have protected gun manufacturers from lawsuits, with supporters turning against the measure after senators added a provision extending the 1994 ban on assault rifles.

The bill died on a 90-8 vote after its principal sponsor, Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig, and the National Rifle Association urged a thumbs-down on the amended measure. Craig, an NRA board member, said his bill was "so dramatically wounded it should not pass."
"I would not send to this president or any president a bad bill of the kind that was crafted here in the Senate through the amendment process over the last several days," he said. But he added that the issue "will not go away."

Craig's bill would have shielded manufacturers from potentially ruinous lawsuits except in cases of defective products or illegal sales. More than 25 cities have filed lawsuits accusing gun manufacturers of negligently marketing their products in ways that make them readily available to criminals and of failing to include safety features.

Attorneys for gun manufacturers have said they sell firearms only through licensed distributors and fully comply with federal laws. They argue that holding manufacturers responsible for what a criminal does with a gun is unfair.

In a series of votes Wednesday, senators added an amendment to Craig's bill that would have closed the loophole that allows the purchase of guns at gun shows without a background check; an amendment to let off-duty and retired police officers carry concealed weapons across state lines; and another to extend the assault weapons ban, which is set to expire in September.

The NRA urged senators to vote against the bill after the amendments were added, calling them "poison pill" measures. /

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