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Bullwinkle925 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-19-07 10:17 AM
Response to Reply #80
84. You are correct - I am curious ......
It does go back to that male/female thing. Of course, many women own guns - some out of fear for their lives (unfortunately) and others for the sport (I guess). I knew that this would get to the abortion issue. Well, the Bush Administration has just taken one of women's rights away this week. The right to bear arms seems to be more sacred than the rights of individuals, it seems. I don't back abortion as a birth control method. I do back a woman's (and sadly, since as of today it is still ONLY the woman who does conceive and go through labor and delivery) right to make a decision over her body. When a woman becomes pregnant (typically outside of the boundaries of marriage), she usually is forced to make the decision to abort due to either health or financial reasons. It appears that the man who has impregnanted (and yes, not without (usually) the woman's participation) generally leaves the situation and doesn't want to become involved in the child-rearing or financial responsibility. There is one such young woman I know of right now who gave birth to a beautiful boy last summer and is raising him on her own. The man doesn't want anything to do with this child and she's not asking him for anything at all. I wonder if in the future this man might want to form a 'bonding' with his son. I wonder how he looks at himself each and every day - but that's the human frailty in life. I don't fully understand how that equates with the right of an individual to purchase a gun and ammunition. The woman who has to make a decision (and usually it's a very emotional decision to have to reach) is herself going through a medical procedure that may have repercussions upon her physical person.
Not so for a gun-owner. Nothing invasive is being done when you purchase and operate a gun. (Unless you ultimately shoot yourself in error, I suppose?).
Going to the abortion issue I feel, is a dodge of the real question as to gun control and the safety of society at large.
And the issue of war as a bonding thing between men is a sad, sad reflection on human evolution. My husband is an ex-Marine but thankfully, doesn't have the feelings towards guns as explained by yourself. Yes, he felt the camaraderie that men feel as they are supposed to in the eventuality they do have to serve their country in war and take care of each other. Again, I'm unsure of what that has to do with gun control and how we are going to ensure a safe environment for ourselves.
I guess what it ultimately boils down to is the fact that people who own guns just want that liberty to be able to do so. I respect that. The reality is that our society is unable to weed out those who are mentally unstable and should never be able to own a gun. The reality is that these shootings will continue, over and over and over again, in order to uphold the right to bear arms. The reality is that the gun lobby carries a heavy stick in Congress. The reality is that (for the main part) men will always have a love affair with their guns and somehow it seems to represent their manhood. Maybe that equates with some women's love of silicone and feels that represents womanhood? I don't know. Silicone, however, doesn't massacre. If it kills, it only kills the one individual who chose to have it inserted.
From each of our viewpoints, it seems that we will respectfully agree to disagree.
Since I do not have any kind of interest in owning a gun, of course banning them does nothing to my way of life. I go on as usual. But, I go on breathing a little easier in the knowledge that no more will be issued and out on the streets. That won't happen, however.
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