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Reply #89: damn [View All]

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iverglas Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-16-04 05:01 PM
Response to Reply #88
89. damn
IF you require blood sacrifices.....too bad, you're not getting them.

And here I had a particular Blood sacrifice in mind that I had a hankering for. Just the one, maybe?


except that site calls them "budgie parakeets", which I've never heard. That one resembles Norman, so called for his psychotic exploits during his short life.

This one looks like Bunge

so called because when I found him on the telephone wire in the back yard, and showed him to the Texan then-co-vivant and said I'd just found a budgie, he thought I'd found a parakeet with which I was obviously acquainted, whose name was Bungee. Bunge turned out not to be a him, and the grotesque protuberance under her tail turned out to be a herniated egg sack, and she most definitely did not worship me. In fact she flew at me in a rage and tried to kill me by pecking my face, most times she saw me, and very deliberately ate all my books, because she regarded herself as the one true domestic goddess and me as a threat to her intimate relationship with the Texan. We took her to see Pet Semetary at an old movie theatre in a small Ontario town one gloomy October day, having checked out of our motel and it being too chilly to leave her in the car -- to the thrill of the kids working there and the kids lined up for the late show when we left.

Google has other budgies on offer, but not if you have your filter on I'd think; I'll let gentle readers do their own viewing by removing the spaces: . jpg
Don't ask me where the budgie is.

There are all kinds of parakeets besides the budgies you people call parakeets, of course. But I've gathered that a real budgie-type parakeet is slightly different from a budgie, a little longer and more elegantly tapered, compared to the cute pudgie budgie (this parakeet is for you to colour):

But then the budgies we get here are probably just from parakeet mills anyhow. And I don't believe you knew what a budgie was without asking google, either.

Now for my divine powers, if I can't have blood sacrifices, or even a Blood sacrifice, it hardly seems worthwhile. Something in the way of striking down annoying people who do not behave themselves appropriately deferentially would seem to be in order.

I have this book at home, mid-late 19th century "told for the children" edition:

and have had the set of 8 illustrations photographed, and framed them for the living room wall. None of the ones at ebay seem to be the same version I have. I'm rather fond of Persephone, who is pictured as she took up the pomegranate and applied it to her nose. Married to Hades ... I can relate. But I'd have to say, more of a Demeter, "lesser god(dess)" though she is called. The power to freeze things. Zap, you're frozen. Try saying "lesser god(dess)" now. Nothing permanent, just a time out until I'm not so annoyed. I'll go with that for now.

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