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Starboard Tack Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-06-11 09:57 PM
Response to Reply #176
183. Once again, let me clarify my position
Edited on Tue Dec-06-11 09:57 PM by Starboard Tack
Regarding handguns, what I personally want and what I propose as possible solutions to reducing the death by handgun rate in this country, are quite different.
What I want is to live in a society where the very idea of routinely carrying a handgun would be considered absurd by everyone, because nobody would feel the need. That may sound Utopian to you and many others. I think it is achievable. Not easily achievable, but achievable nevertheless. The irony is that we all share the same goal of saving lives. Where we differ is in how we accomplish that. Your side thinks that allowing concealed carry saves lives, and this is true. Then we get into fencing with numbers, studies, surveys and stats from all over the place. Do they save more than they kill? Probably yes. Does the practice of CC have a positive or negative effect on the overall number of deaths? Hard to prove either way and it's probably a wash. You justify your behavior by claiming a Constitutional right, which has been affirmed by SCOTUS. We both respect the Bill of Rights, but differ on interpretation of 2A. So be it. For now, your interpretation and that of the NRA and the right tilted SCOTUS rules.

This leaves us with our original goal:
To live in a society where the thought of carrying a handgun would never, or on the rarest of occasions, cross one's mind.
Introducing more and more handguns into the mix does not seem to be a positive step in that direction. Many of those weapons are lost, stolen and sold to criminals. So, the law abiding gun owners unwittingly become the arms suppliers to those they defend themselves against. Such irony.
Only a few good guys and a few criminals use these tools and carry them with each other in mind. The other 90+% have to navigate the same world. Like we have to navigate in a world where people drive Hummers and other gas guzzlers to the supermarket and church.
Disarming people is not my desire, though I fear it may eventually happen. I see toting as a fad which will backfire, with negative effects for all.

So, my argument is not to disarm anyone, but to encourage people to question and reassess their behavior, based on serious reality testing. And asking oneself, "Am I contributing to the problem by exercising my Constitutional right?"
Hopefully, they will decide to go unarmed, but not disarmed.
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