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Reply #128: Ignoring post 106 for a reason? [View All]

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one-eyed fat man Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-05-11 01:17 PM
Response to Reply #120
128. Ignoring post 106 for a reason?
Tell us, does a Good Samaritan who gets himself killed meet with your approval?

Do the apathetic citizens who step over a dying man, take pictures of him with their cell phone, rifle his pockets, while he is dying, yet fail to call the police represent the soul of urban sophisticates and uphold the Kitty Genovese tradition?

Is the Good Samaritan who succeeds in stopping an assault always a vigilante in your eyes?

The safest course of action, regardless of how many guns you might have, is to maintain a low profile and hope the aggressor does not see you. You can slink away hoping that you are not recognized in the security film footage.

If a Good Samaritan were in a position to blindside the assailant and stop the crime would your approval depend on his choice of weapon? Would a tire iron or ball bat be less noble than a katana?

The crossbow range was 350 400 yards but could only be shot at a rate of 2 bolts per minute. The crossbow was easy to use, requiring minimal training and required little strength to operate. The medieval Knight was the most powerful and effective warrior and said to be worth 10 foot soldiers, who were regarded with the lowest esteem and considered expendable. The crossbow could be used by an untrained soldier to injure or kill a knight in plate armour. The crossbow, itself, was therefore viewed as an inhuman weapon which required no skill and had no honour. It was even banned by the Pope! The Crossbow was, however, a very useful weapon which could be used by the young, the old and the infirm! The crossbow was used throughout the Middle Ages. All attempts to apply a weapon ban on crossbows failed and all such requests were ignored...

In time the musket came to replace the crossbow and the armored knight became a romantic notion. The notion that a criminal somehow deserves special consideration and that to defend one's self somehow requires honorable comportment directed toward an unprovoked criminal assault is ludicrous. An exceedingly naive position that could only be held by someone who has never been in a fight for their very life.

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