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beevul Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-15-11 11:19 PM
Response to Reply #56
105. No, I disagree.
Edited on Sat Jan-15-11 11:26 PM by beevul
"Yes, people are free to own weapons. Farmers are one of the groups that are allowed to own them. I'm wondering why you seem to think everyone should be able to walk into a shop and buy one."

I didn't ask if people gould own guns,I asked if people could own semi-automatic weapons. Specifically handguns, shotguns, and rifles. What is the answer to that question?

I think anyone not prohibited by law, SHOULD be able to walk into a gun shop and buy one. Is that somehow wrong?

"I'm not sure why yr getting a bit hostile. If it's true that you support gun control measnures like restricting the sale of weapons to criminals and mentally unstable people then you and I have no argument with each other."

I'm not getting hostile at all. I'm sorry if it appears otherwise, as theres no hostility on my part. Sometimes text does not translate well.

"So, where did you copy'n'paste all that from if it wasn't from a gun-nut website? You certainly copied'n'pasted it from somewhere..."

These are quotes I've accumulated over the years, and keep in a text file. the purpose of which, is to refute claims of "nobody wants to take your guns", and like claims.

"Yes, I read everything, which is why I commented the way I did about the stupidity of slippery slope arguments..."

Are you of the opinion that theres simply never slippery slope?

"The US does need gun control laws passed. It's absolutely ridiculous that people carry guns round in their pockets that go off accidentally in restaraunts and wound other patrons, and it's even more ridiculous that mentally unstable people can easily get hold of a gun."

We HAVE what control proponents called "sensible gun control" laws, when they were pushing them. Now they pretend we have none. they were iether lieing then, or lieing now. One way or another they were lieing. And now theyre asking for more. Theres your slippery slope, demonstrated and real.

I think its ridiculous when people carry them in pockets and go off as well. Thats what conceal carry holsters are for.

On edit: If you reread those quotes, you'll see the stated intent to use an incremental approach. Thats the definition of a slippery slope.

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