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Reply #103: you're just all wrong all the time, aren't you? [View All]

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iverglas Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-14-08 05:46 PM
Response to Reply #98
103. you're just all wrong all the time, aren't you?
Line 'em up, knock 'em down:

A knife or sword wound has a much higher chance of being fatal vs. a gun shot wound. Somewhere around 65% vs. 10% if memory serves.
Knives also transfer infection to the wound whereas a bullet does not due to the sterilization of the round during firing.
Mechanisms of injury

Neck trauma may be caused by penetrating or blunt trauma.

Penetrating trauma

More than 95% of penetrating neck wounds result from guns and knives, with the remainder resulting from motor vehicle accidents, household injuries, industrial accidents, and sporting events. Generally, people experiencing a gun shot wound (GSW) sustain greater injury than those with stab wounds because of a bullet's proclivity to penetrate deeper and cause cavitation, thus damaging structures lying outside the tract of the missile.

High-velocity bullet wounds (>2000-2500 ft/s) tend to follow a direct and predictable pathway, while low-velocity bullets travel a more erratic pathway, often demonstrating no direct relationship to the entrance or exit wounds. Additionally, high-velocity bullet wounds produced by military-style weapons or hunting rifles generate shock waves that devitalize surrounding tissues. High-velocity missiles and their ensuing blast effects may suck debris into the wound tract or cause secondary injuries from bullet or bone fragmentation. Low-velocity injuries may be produced by.22- and .38-caliber handguns that have a muzzle speed of 300 ft/s to 800 ft/s. Furthermore, lower-energy injuries (knife, handgun, long-range birdshot or buckshot) cause a 50% lesser frequency of clinically significant injuries no matter what the zone of injury.

Gunshot causes greater injury than stabbing.

Some gunshot wounds are susceptible to infection because they do cause the entry of foreign matter into the wound.

But then I'm sure you know better than David B Levy, DO, FACEP, FAAEM, Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine, St Elizabeth Health Center; Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine.

It holds true across borders:
Both types of penetrating trauma can be associated with high-acuity injuries. ... Knives were less likely to result in high-acuity ... injuries than were firearms (1234/39 654 (3.1%) v. 234/586 (39.9%)); however, the number of high-acuity knife-related injuries was more than 5 times greater than those related to firearms (n = 1234 v. n = 234). Hospital admission is a fairly common outcome, with 151 over the study period for firearm-related injuries, and a corresponding 1455 admissions for injuries due to knives or sharp objects, an almost 10-fold difference. However, firearm-related injuries were more likely to result in admission (151/586 (25.7%)) than were knife-related injuries (1455/39 654 (3.7%)). The overall number of deaths in hospital caused by knives (n = 26) and guns (n = 30) were similar even though the case-fatality rate in hospital was much higher for firearm-related injuries (5%) than for knives/sharp-objects-related injuries (0.06%).

There's a start. So whatcha got to back up what you were saying there?

But lets say you do take them all away

Why? I can't think of any reason why I'd say that, myself. Was there some reason you would?

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