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ac2007 Donating Member (68 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-06-08 11:26 AM
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63. Some points
One, this is not illegal despite your desire for it to be so. It's personal property and it can be decorated as anyone wishes to.

Two, the Duracoat coatings used here are expensive. It can cost several hundred dollars to have a single gun done up. They will do it in pretty much any color or combination you wish. Frankly, if someone wants to do this and it makes them happy, who cares?

Three, responsible gun owners lock up their guns regardless of colors. Proper child firearms safety training emphasizes that ANYTHING encountered looking like a gun is to be treated as such. "Stop, don't touch, get an adult.". I have green, brown, black and white rifles. They are not toys and are never treated as such.

Which raises the issue of law enforcement.

As a general rule, anything that can be mistaken as a gun when used in a crime, in possession of a criminal or pointed at law enforcement is generally considered to be a firearm even if it isn't. If a criminal acquires an airsoft gun that looks real, uses it to rob a store and gets caught with it, he may well be facing firearms charges. It is what a reasonable person would interpret the item to be under the circumstances. If you use it like a gun and can't tell the difference, the law will often consider to be one.

I personally know of two cases where kids playing with replica airsoft guns in public have been nearly shot by police. The issue is not the guns; it is the parents. When I used to sell these to kids (which required their parents to be present), I would explain to them that it is illegal to play with them in public and if caught with one, you could be shot. The police would consider it a real gun regardless of orange tip and act accordingly. The looks on the parents faces was one of shock and the message got sunk in. I never wanted to see any kids shot for stupidity.

If the problem is the fear of children finding such a gun improperly stored (it is illegal in most states to leave a firearm unsecured where an unsupervised minor could gain access to it) and treating it as a toy, the issue is the education of the child. If this is a threat in our communities, then maybe we need stern, serious firearm safety training in schools and teach kids properly and to get an adult.

Even then, a kid could still shoot someone. No law or practice is perfect and there will always be stupid, stubborn or simply curious kids where their curiousity overrides their education. In such a case, the person who left such a firearm open for access should be punished.

Stop blaming the gun. A determination of "sick" is a personal one. I, for one, don't much care for pink AR-15s. However, if my daughter wanted pink handguards, grip and stock on her target rifle to keep her interest high in target shooting, I'd be happy to spend the money. Such as the girl pictured with such a rifle above.

If it offends you, you have the freedom to look away. You don't have the freedom to dictate your personal disgust on others as holy writ or law.
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