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Reply #22: So your new claim is that the world's ammonia goes to nuclear mining? [View All]

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NNadir Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-12-06 07:17 PM
Response to Reply #19
22. So your new claim is that the world's ammonia goes to nuclear mining?
Let me understand this tortured argument. Is it coming from a "biofuels" advocate?

Spare me the freshman biology lecture. I'm not a dumb kid in West Florida googly-eyed over whether she gets a D minus or a C for not knowing about denitrifying bacteria on quiz number 2. Of course, if I were teaching chemistry, I would fail anybody who couldn't understand enough about acid base chemistry to calculate the pH of ammonium carbonate.

You do not call for the banning of any mining except uranium mining. That's tortured. Specifically you have no problem with mining coal, either to make steel for your silly windmills, or to provide energy when renewables remain, as they have for decades, unable to supply even a fraction of the world's energy needs.

You do not call for the banning of nitrogen fixation except for where it is connected with uranium. Specifically you advocate biofuels, ignoring, in typical tortured appeals, that the largest demand for fixed nitrogen in the world is agriculture. That's tortured.

US emission of fixed nitrogen and the sources (as nitrous oxide) are listed right here:

The biggest drivers are crops and - what a surprise - burning fossil fuels. So hypocritical concern for fixed nitrogen is not an element of your agenda. That's tortured.

Here is one plant in Trinidad and Tobago that produces 2.098 million metric tons of ammonia per year. If world uranium production shut tomorrow - and it won't because no one gives a shit what you say - this plant would still operate and still have a market. Or do you deny that? Is it OK if we just distribute that nitrogen all over the continental United States, let it flow into the gulf of Mexico because JPak thinks the world's cars can run on soybean oil?

Some US ammonia plants and their capacity are listed here: Do you have any clue why so many are in the midwest? Uranium mining is the main industry in Iowa?

Nowhere is uranium mining listed as a primary driver for the fixed nitrogen business. This is because the mass density of uranium is enormous. Each kg of uranium is the energy equivalent of 600,000 gallons of gasoline.

You don't do data, you just make stuff up. Here however is data on the output of sulfur oxides from fossil fuels in the United States over the last ten years:

This does not include acid leach from mines, just what's injected into the air. The sum of the sulfur oxides released in just ten years, in just one country, ours, is over 100 million metric tons. If I tell you that it leaches uranium from granite will you suddenly give a shit about that? No, you won't. In order for you to give a shit about sulfur oxides, it has to be connected to the nuclear industry about which you know next to nothing.

I have not said that uranium mining is without risk. I have just said that it is of lower risk than any alternative. There's nothing tortured in that statement. It's a simple comparison.

You might wish to write the environmental minister of the Netherlands, Van Neer, with your objections, but I'm guessing he'll put them in the circular file, exactly where they belong. He's a grown up apparently.
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