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Reply #68: Someone will pick it up. What about the Mercury in my soil? [View All]

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NNadir Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-13-04 08:59 AM
Response to Reply #67
68. Someone will pick it up. What about the Mercury in my soil?
Edited on Fri Feb-13-04 09:03 AM by NNadir
The difference between the nuclear "waste" you have described and the Mercury contamination of the entire Eastern United States (not to mention the climate change of the entire planet) is that functionally a truck could come and drive the nuclear waste away Unfortunately, contaminated soils on a continental scale and the destruction of the atmosphere of an entire planet is not quite so simple a matter.

Let's be clear on what I said though: It is stupid to open Yucca Mountain, because the materials being "dumped" are far to valuable and important for dumping. As it is in most environmental issues, the key is recycling, which WILL happen, simply because it is the best option. I have not said that nuclear waste should remain next to the plants that generated them for eternity. I HAVE said that they can remain for a longer time, decades, perhaps, at a relatively low RISK.

I really haven't noticed a huge increase in terrorist attacks since 9/11 that correspond to the alleged perfection of terrorism. Personally I think the terrorism fears are, like nuclear fears, being vastly overplayed to pursue an agenda, in this case the improvement of Dick Cheney's stock portfolio, and the prospect of actually electing George W. Bush to the Presidency more likely.

Whether or not FirstEnergy is a shitty company is not an issue for me to decide. The worst managed megacorporation in the history of the world, the Government of the Former Soviet Union, did in fact manage a grand scale spectacular nuclear accident of the worst sort. However, I also note that life on earth, to my personal surprise, did not come to an end. In the fossil case it is quite possible that life will come to an end, a risk far more serious. I think that no energy scheme of any type, the sustainable ones (nuclear, solar, and geothermal) or the unsustainable ones (fossil) are immune from human failings because humans are humans. The difference in my view comes down to this: People act like an unsigned document or a leak or mismanagement in a nuclear plant constitutes the end of the world, whereas the murder, accidents, mismanagement, health erosion, etc, etc surrounding the other options can be ignored. Of course we want regulations enforced and more importantly, we want the intent of the regulations met. It does not happen though that a regulatory failure will absolutely result in a disaster 100% of the time, though people often imply otherwise.

We can cower in fear or we can solve problems. I think Yucca Mountain is a poor choice for solving the problem of "Nuclear Waste," and I believe that we have time to enact a well understood, technically piloted program that will serve rather than hinder future generations. From a risk minimization standpoint, it seems to me a no brainer.

I would like the nuclear "waste" at Oak Harbor moved somewhere else as well. I just want to do it intelligently. In fact, I don't want it to be "waste" at all. I want it to be a resource.
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