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What About Hydrocarbon combustion WITHOUT CO2? [View All]

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napoleon_in_rags Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-14-11 03:36 AM
Original message
What About Hydrocarbon combustion WITHOUT CO2?
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So I got curious today, looking into how carbon fiber was made (trying to figure out why it was so damned expensive) and I came upon this chemical reaction for PAN, a precursor of valuable carbon fiber:
2CH3-CH=CH2 + 2NH3 + 3O2 → 2CH2=CH-C≡N + 6H2O
This reaction is exothermic, it outputs no C02 but a lot of heat - the core thing needed to produce energy or turn a motor. The input is propylene (and ammonia). Propylene is a hydrocarbon, another fruit of the oil drum and like the rest its combustible. Its normal combustion equation is
C3H8 + 5O2 ---> 3CO2 + 4H2O
Notice the C02, just like gasoline or anything. But in certain processes like the one I mentioned first, it appears to me that carbon can be outputted in solid forms rather than as C02, (in this case Polyacrylonitrile aka PAN) saving the environment while still releasing energy to turn a motor... (And in the case of carbon fiber production, into an INCREDIBLY valuable industrial compound to boot.)

Now I'm not a chemist or an oil guy, and I can see the reaction I am talking about certainly isn't the answer for powering cars... Papers say it outputs C02 (through a parallel process, not fundamental reaction) as well as such lovely sounding things as "hydrogen cyanide", not to mention ammonia consumption (needed for fertilizer).

Yet the dreamer in me can't help but to notice what a complete and total HOLY GRAIL hydrocarbon combustion without CO2 would be, and this reaction offers a hint that its possible. Imagine: Total reduction of greenhouse gases with no economic cost from limiting fossil fuel consumption. And honestly, this idea seems fresh: I've looked into carbon sequestration, and I see a slew of technologies that seek to actually remove existing C02 from the air, which intuitively hits me as being "putting the genie back in the bottle", more expensive and difficult in every way than not letting the genie out in the first place: having engines output a solid carbon filled industrial product rather than C02.

So my question is, has anybody here really looked at this? Hydrocarbon combustion with carbon outputted in solid form? Is there research going on? Any input or leads would be appreciated, I am having a lot of fun researching this stuff.

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