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Reply #3: Of course, your idea of JOBS is a bunch of homeless migrants walking around with windex [View All]

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NNadir Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Feb-12-09 12:09 AM
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3. Of course, your idea of JOBS is a bunch of homeless migrants walking around with windex
Edited on Thu Feb-12-09 12:19 AM by NNadir
bottles to wipe the burning chaparral ash off of solar thermal plants.

A single nuclear plant can produce hundreds of millions of dollars of value in a single year, are the modern ones are designed to do it for more than 80 years.

Construction jobs in the nuclear industry and nuclear engineering jobs are high paying work that yield tremendous resources for generations.

The nuclear plant at Oyster Creek - despite the efforts of stupid and vicious people to destroy the infrastructure because they are ignorant - was completed in 1969 and it still produces more energy than all the windmills in Denmark combined, the efforts of dangerous anti-nukes to replace it with dangerous fossil fuels notwithstanding.

But let's face it. There is NOT ONE yuppie consumer anti-nuke brat who knows what a real job is. It's not like these fuckers are going to spend hours in the blazing desert wiping dust off of glass.

If we built 5 nuclear plants, we would easily outstrip all of the energy produced by the wind and solar yuppie toys designed to produce low wage jobs in the entire nation. As a typical undergrad nuclear engineer 5 years out of school makes on the order of $70,000/year, these are good jobs - unless you're an illiterate from Greenpeace who thinks that 616 > 860:

And why low wage?

Because on the same yuppie stupido planet that thinks that people should triple their electricity rates in order to collect toxic waste (i.e. solar toys) on roofs to power non-existent yuppie electric cars, the connection between wealth and productivity doesn't matter.

After all, everyone can afford a $400,000 solar house and a $150,000 Yuppie electric Tesla car, right?

Nuclear energy saves lives. Nuclear energy works on an exajoule scale. Nuclear energy - despite much grousing from assholes with the scientific insight of plastic trash bags is the lowest cost climate change gas free energy.

The nuclear plant in Finland, even delayed two years and over budget, will out produce all of the broken down yuppie windmills in Denmark produced over 30 years of planned obsolesce junk making and do it cheaper, cleaner and with lower loss of life.

But the fact is, that we never hear an anti-nuke come here and whine like dopes over the warranty problems of the Vestas Oil, Gas and Wind company, because basically the anti-nuke gas cult religion doesn't give a shit. It's all selective attention and scare mongering.

It is disgusting that the ignorant remain ignorant in times like these with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance.. It's like the fucking Repukes. Repeat the lie over and over and over and over and over even after everyone else has seen right through it.
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