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Reply #13: Get your facts straight ... [View All]

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leebert Donating Member (75 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Sep-24-07 02:48 PM
Response to Reply #11
13. Get your facts straight ...
Edited on Mon Sep-24-07 03:17 PM by leebert
You almost knew that the sophists would be at it posting about strawmen like mercury, or trying to obfuscate the science to run cover for American exceptionalists who refuse to comply with international treaties, even though other nations manage to do so without "wrecking their industries."

THE EC for example seems to be proceeding quite well without all of the whinging.

Note that the USA's MB use at 35 percent of its 1991 baseline cap. The USA is now capped at 9,857 tons under the extension. The TEN OTHER COUNTRIES included:

Italy (2,351 tons)
Spain (1,167 tons)
France (449 tons)
Greece (205 tons)
Japan (313 tons)
Australia (160 tons)
Britain (142 tons)
Canada (62 tons)
Portugal (55 tons)
Belgium (52 tons)

OOPS. There's goes your pet theory that the EC is doing better than the USA. NOTE that SEVEN of the ELEVEN are members of the EC, with Italy, Spain, France and Greece taking 4 of the top 5 slots. Why... even groovy lil' Belgium, seat of the EU. I'm shocked! It's all those doggone tulip growers or something, flying their carbon-credit-eating flowers everywhere.

Every year these critical-use exemptions are single-year extensions, issued under the proviso that the USA (& the other 11 countries) are IN FACT looking for a better solution.

* The amount of methyl bromide requested by the U. S. each year in CUE process is decreasing (39% to 37% to 29% of baseline)
* The amount of methyl bromide authorized by the Parties each year in CUE process is decreasing (37% to 32% to ? of baseline)
* The continued authorization of methyl bromide by the Parties is dependent on U. S. demonstrating progress toward development of alternatives

HELLO? The various nations who are asking for exemptions are working on it IN GOOD FAITH, *and* if they fail to work on it... THEY'LL FORFEIT EVER GETTING ANOTHER EXTENSION!

We evil, conniving Americans. How wily and deceitful we are.

"...By adopting a "double-cap" concept that distinguishes exemption levels according to uses of old and new production of methyl bromide, more than 180 parties agreed the United States and the 10 other nations combined could be exempted for use of 13,438 metric tons of methyl bromide because of the lack of technically and economically feasible alternatives...."

And, as a matter of fact, HONEST SCIENTISTS are looking at the potential policy reversal that MB could actually be used in an ozone-friendly way. It's commented on here:
"...As the CH3Br phase-out date approaches, some questions remain whether restricting CH3Br use will have a significant effect on stratospheric ozone levels. Further, it appears that methodology exists that would enable CH3Br emissions from fumigated soils to be reduced by at least one order of magnitude. This would reduce the global CH3Br contribution from agricultural use to less than 1% of the worldwide sources."

You're more than welcomed to show me how I am wrong, in this or any of my other posts. I have science, undiluted, accurate science at my disposal. Let's see what you've got, mister "the sophists are at it again." I'm waiting to become suddenly more enlightened than I already am. Go for it.

And in case you're wondering, nobody has claimed the USA is cheating or subverting the Montreal Protocol. China on the other hand is not only cheating Kyoto but screwing the ozone layer & subverting Montreal while they're at it:

And I'll just assume that the record shows that neither I nor razzleberry have engaged in sophistry or obfuscation, just an attempt to put the record into perspective.

Oh, right, I forgot. I'm on DU.

Never mind..... I forget that avante-liberal hairshirt environmentalism requires the evil rich American ponzi artists all go bankrupt & the rest of us move back into the caves.

Naughty me! I want to save the planet without falling for the agitprop tactics of ideologues trying to galvanize the unsuspecting and unsophisticated do-good householders driving their groovy Priupuses.

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