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Reply #10: You are reducing my argument to specific black and white instances [View All]

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Tigermoose Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jul-18-03 01:10 PM
Response to Reply #9
10. You are reducing my argument to specific black and white instances
I'm not trying to answer the details, but to put out an overall plan that can be a guidepost for the details to strive towards. When you are at the beginnings of a large project, you can't fetter and worry about a few specific problems that might occur, or you'll never get underway and work towards the greater goal, and along the way you provide solutions for the specifics that arrive.

Cities are expensive, but that's why we need to redesign them -- so they will be less expensive than the costs of commuting large distances.

Increasing the gas tax is just one possible solution that would have to be looked at and study. Hybrids are just a start towards a more fuel efficient means of transportation -- not the magic pill.

Car costs - Government incentives and social stigman will help promote fuel efficiency once people are educated about the magnitude of the energy crisis. Foreign companies don't want to produce them? Fine, we'll build our own....but other countries will be in the same boat as us in the energy crisis, and thus foreign manufacturers will respond to the crazy-high price of gas by making more efficient transportation.

The government produces educated minds, construction projects such as the transporation system of the United States, a legal system that keeps our society functioning, an efficient postal service that is essential to business, energy and water for public and private consumption, the regulation of things subject to the "tragedy of the commons," and perhaps the biggest product is ORDER. The military too is an important aspect of government, but things that go boom tend to destroy rather than create products that benefit society's economic growth (unless of course it is allowing access to foreign natural resources, but then a cost/analysis must be done to verify the cost of war is worth it...and it rarely is). A benefit most rarely think about with the military is that it does help create ordered minds willing to work within society's limits, so that's also a plus -- but still, we spend too much on a global empire that won't be necessary if we restructure our country's trade, infrastructure, and energy needs.

Oil exploration here at home. Go for it. But we've already been looking for decades, and in the 70s the U.S. hit its peak oil supply, and since then oil and natty gas exploration has been turning up a much larger ration of dry wells and cannot keep up with our current energy needs. Now...areas such as the Alaskan Wildlife area -- we have to weigh the costs and benefit. Is a year of cheaper gas worth destroying an environment formed over thousands of years? I personally don't think so, but I know a lot of Americans are selfish-dumbasses, so no doubt it will be exploited for its tiny supply of oil as oil becomes scarce.

And I never said this plan was easy, but neither is an extended depression and period of famine and poverty that is going to occur if we don't start doing something about it.

Yes. Sacrifices will have to be made.
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