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Texans: NAFTA, Republicans and Democrats [View All]

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Taeger Donating Member (914 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-13-04 06:03 PM
Original message
Texans: NAFTA, Republicans and Democrats
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Edited on Fri Feb-13-04 06:04 PM by Taeger
How come the Texas Republican party opposes NAFTA:

International Trade The Party favors fair and reciprocal trade and competition in the international market place for our agricultural products, oil and gas, any other raw materials and manufactured goods. We urge the use of import quotas of foreign products like those used by former President Ronald Reagan to protect the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, steel and machine tools and computer chip industries from dumping (products manufactured with financial support from foreign governments) by foreign powers. Likewise, we urge sanctions against the European Union and other nations that:

1) disrupt free trade by subsidizing agricultural exports or other goods to the United States,

2) bar of excessively tax American products or services, or

3) enslave their own citizens.

We support business opportunity and oppose the previous Democrat administrations advocacy of intrusive government-industry partnerships based on foreign models. We urge the repeal of NAFTA, GATT, and any other international trade agreements that do not promote free trade, and withdrawal from membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO). We believe that we should call for the immediate withdrawal of the United States from any agreements that compromise national sovereignty, independence, self-sufficiency, and national security. We urge Congress to authorize fund expenditures and audit measures on research and development of alternative fuels to reduce the United States dependency on OPEC and ensure no financial support of terrorist sponsoring nations.

Furthermore, they have a VERY strong policy on removing illegal immigrants who steal US jobs and drive down wages:

Immigration The Party believes that one responsibility of the government is to secure out nations borders. The Party opposes any further amnesties for illegal aliens. We support:

1) returning immigration quotas to traditional levels in practice prior to 1965 of 300,000 per year or less, including those granted asylum and refugees;

2) expeditious hearing on deporting non-violent illegal aliens held in prisons or jails;

3) reclaiming control of international borders;

4) screening immigrants for communicable diseases, including HIV;

5) Congressional oversight of federal agencies to follow up over-stayed visas;

6) The assimilation of immigrants into the American culture;

7) Congress providing for an end to the practice of chain migration; and,

8) The immediate deportation of aliens if they do not carry the required ID.

Yet I kind find nothing of the sort in the Texas Democratic Party platform.

It's pretty wishy-washy.

Is this a potential reason why Democrats are getting CREAMED in Texas. Doesn't a platform that protects American jobs and American borders make more sense. What is wrong with deporting illegal residents???

It seems to me that Texas Democrats are taking the pro-business platform with this regard in Texas.

Texas Democrats are WEAK on NAFTA, GATT and WTO. Why would Texans anxious about their jobs vote for Democrats?????

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