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Reply #105: "Consuming" is part of what I'm getting at [View All]

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kentauros Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-10-09 09:10 AM
Response to Reply #100
105. "Consuming" is part of what I'm getting at
so we're in agreement. Hell, we're in agreement on all of it :) I know people that only want an action movie. They abhor the idea that they would be required to think for what they are being fed. It is meant only to be consumed, an initial taste and then inhale the meal, no chewing required. Sit back and let it fill you, but only satiating enough to the following week when the next big action-packed consumer product comes out.

I haven't seen the movie, but I may still just wait to get a torrent online. I have no intention of supporting Abrams or the rest. I was really disappointed to see that Rendezvous with Rama never could get the funding it so desired, even with Morgan Freeman producing and starring. Why can't great stories like that make it to the bigtime? Why don't people want to think and ponder a really good story? There are movies they are willing to do that with, such as Contact or even the remake of Solaris. However, those movies don't get shown in the summer because they don't have the blockbuster potential, or the suits don't feel they do. Plus, they aren't shoot-em ups.

I guess the general movie-going public can think from time to time, but it takes so much effort that the suits can't ask them to do so more than a few times a year. Science fiction still has this stigma against it, no matter how many great shows and movies we give the public. Most people I know and have worked with are simply not science fiction fans and don't understand why anyone would like that kind of thing. They can tack on the label of science fiction to this new Star Trek and people will believe the suits and then expect all science fiction after the fact to be shallow shoot-em ups. When it isn't, they don't respond as well, especially with box-office proceeds. And the cycle continues.

Oh, I did want to say that the late 50s and well into the 60s gave us some fine British science fiction movies and shows, other than Dr. Who. Look at Nigel Kneale's "Professor Qatermass" series (both the kinescope and subsequent movies) or the wonderful semi end-of-the-world flick "The Day the Earth Caught Fire". And even the monster movie "The Day of the Trifids" was a British science fiction movie, treated with more dignity and respect for the story than I expect will happen with the remake...
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