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Madrone Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-07-08 11:44 PM
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26. I'm torn.
On the one hand, I've SEEN renters destroy property. On the other, I AM a renter with a shitload of pets.

My landlord specified NO PETS in his ad. I looked anyway because I was trying to figure out the market after living in the same place for 6 years. It was the first and only place I looked at. He was practically trying to hand me the keys and I wasn't really ready to make a decision. Plus I had a shitload of pets! So, I asked him how married to the "no pets" thing he was. He asked the dreaded question - "What kind of pets are we talking about?" Umm.... a dog, 3 cats, 3 ferrets, 3 sugar gliders and a bird.

He asked if I'd be okay with a non-refundable pet deposit of $250 TOTAL. Uh...YEAH! He then said he'd probably even refund that, if everything was kosher when I left.

Truth is some of the carpet will probably need replacing when I move. My two oldest cats got diagnosed with diseases after I moved in - kidney failure for one, and diabetes for the other. This led to toilet "issues" with the cats. I'm exceptionally diligent about cleaning up any messes and erasing all evidence of any accidents, but I will probably suggest that we replace the carpets when I do move. It's only fair and the only right thing to do - rather than stay silent and hope no one notices. There's a good chance they WON'T (I am VERY careful about taking care of messes, remember) but the fact remains that there HAVE been accidents in the house.

He loves me because my rent is always paid and I leave him alone. I love him because my rent doesn't go up and he leaves me alone.

I recently had a problem with the bathroom plumbing - the hot water in the shower wouldn't shut off, and the handles were stripped. 3 hours late to work and $1.38 later I'd gotten the water shut off problem solved and I just replaced the shower handles this weekend.

So - as a renter I HATE having to jump through hoops and be treated like a piece of crap. I'm also far from neat and orderly so if a landlord were to show up I'd be mortified most of the time - haha! But I always leave property in BETTER shape than I found it and it the place is pristine upon my moving out of it. BUT - the thought of being a landlord MYSELF - having witnessed so many people thrashing property, not paying rent, etc - I really understand the "rules".

So - personally, speaking as a person that rents, I think your rules suck and I don't like that much interference and poking around in my life. But I COMPLETELY understand them and for the population in general, I think you're being very reasonable. ;)

I guess my advice would be to set your rules from the beginning, but be willing to bend them according to your gut instinct on an individual basis - as my landlord did with me. Mine was just so sick of having people not pay their rent, skipping out in the middle of the night, and on top of all that, trashing his property that he was willing to take a chance on me - someone with a steady job that didn't *want* to keep moving around.
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