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Dwight Shrute has updated his blog! [View All]

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underpants Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-02-06 03:27 PM
Original message
Dwight Shrute has updated his blog!
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Mods feel free to move this to Editorials & other articles if you think that is a better place for it. /


Dwight Schrute here with a much belated addition to my blog.

Where the F- have you been!?, scream my (literally) hundreds of

Well, Ill tell you. There have been some big changes at Dunder-
Mifflin and I have been busy as a beaver.

Beavers are not busy unless their dams are continually knocked down
and destroyed by pesky neighborhood kids and/or storms]

Plus with the beet harvesting and my laser tag team (the Gandalfs!)
making it to regionals, my time has been quite limited.

There is a question that has been eating away at me like a flesh
eating bacteria or a wolverine.


First of all, they would have lasers. Adama would quickly secure the
hatch for his crew. The survivors of the Oceanic flight 815 would be
herded up like little children and inspected like cattle.

Could these people actually be Cylons! Starbuck would be thinking
to herself. Then she would think, That one who calls himself Sawyer
is pretty hot. I wonder what he would look like swimming in just his

Starbuck would take Sawyer on a reconnoiter of the island and they
would visit the swimming hole and start necking. And then Kate and
Apollo would stumble upon them and they would all be getting it on
when a huge crashing would come through the jungle and one of those
huge unseen monsters would tower above them (the monsters that
disappeared after episode 8 of season 1) and they would be


Cut to commercial.

Meanwhile back at the hatch, Adama would want to imprison the Lost
cast in the old cave with the creek in it, but president Roslin
would want to reason with them and have both casts mate in order to
create more surviving humans.

Meanwhile the Cylons would have contacted the Others and they would
form an alliance to destroy all the good humans and especially that
annoying French woman who lives on the other side of the island.

Starbuck would shoot the unseen monster and Sawyer would say
something witty and sexy, like Nice shot, blondie. Whered you
learn to shoot a laser like that? From watching princess Leia?

She would say, Put a sock in it Sawyer but the attraction would be
too much for them and they would have to start making out again.

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